2018 Reading Challenge
Monday, December 11, 2017
2018 Reading Challenge

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1. A book made into a move you've already seen
2. True crime
3. The next book in the series you started
4. A book involving a heist
5. Nordic Nor
6. A novel based on a real person
7. A book set in a country that fascinates you
8. A book with a time in a day in the title
9. A book about a villain or antihero
10. A book about death or grief
11. A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym
12. A book with an LGBTQ + protagonist
13. A book that is also a stage play or musical
14. A book by an author of a different ethnicity than you
15. A book about feminism
16. A book about mental health
17. A book you borrowed or was given to you as a gift
18. A book by two authors
19. A book about or involving a sport
20. A book by a local author
21. A book with your favorite colour on the title
22. A book with alliteration on the title
23. A book about time travel
24. A book with a weather element in the title
25. A book set in a sea
26. A book with an animal in the title
27. A book set on a different planet
28. A book with a song lyric in the title
29. A book about or set in a Halloween
30. A book with a character who are twins
31. A book mentioned in another book
32. A book from a celebrity book club
33. A childhood classic you've never read
34. A book that is published in 2018
35. A past Goodreads Choice Awards Winner
36. A book set in a decade you were born
37. A book you meant to read in 2017 but didn't get to
38. A book with an ugly cover
39. A book that involves a bookstore or a library
40. A favorite prompt from 2015, 2016 or 2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenges
41. A bestseller from that year you graduated in high school
42. A cyberpunk book
43. A book that was being read by a stranger in a public place
44. A book tied to your ancestry
45. A book with a fruit or vegetable in the title
46. An allegory
47. A book by an author with the same first or last name as you
48. A microhistory
49. A book about a problem facing society today
50. A book recommended by someone else taking the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

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Dear 2018
Monday, December 11, 2017
Dear 2018

Dear 2018

I'm writing this on 11 Dec 2017 and I wonder what you'll bring. I wonder what new challenges and experiences you have in store, I wonder what surprises you have waiting that has yet to knock on my door. Please be kind, that's all I ask.

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When Life Forces You To Grow Up
Thursday, December 07, 2017
When Life Forces You To Grow Up

I feel like life is forcing me to grow up. From the decisions I'm making to the plans I have in the future. While there is comfort in staying where I am I knew I had to grow up. I want to think that I'm still in a crossroad but perhaps I'm already past that.

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I'm Here Right Now, Alive and Living
Wednesday, December 06, 2017
I'm Here Right Now, Alive and Living

My head was spiralling down last night but after a much needed drink I woke up with a new light. I felt a new, embraced by love, feeling the spirit hugging my existence now, guiding me in the days ahead.

There's so much to be thankful for. And I'm here right now alive and living.

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Fitness Goals For 2018
Friday, December 01, 2017
Fitness Goals For 2018

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I was thinking about my fitness goals for the next year and I realize there are areas that needs improvement; primarily my diet and legs, damn those needs toning up. Not forgetting that I have developed a consistent workout habit this year, next year I'm taking it up a notch.

  • 1. Develop a healthy mindset (Eat everything in moderation. Over indulgence is unnecessary. Having a dessert after each meal is not mandatory!)

  • 2. Tone up those legs! (Run or walk at least 3x a week. A minimum of 2 miles)

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