You'll Never Know Who You're Inspiring
Thursday, February 15, 2018
You'll Never Know Who You're Inspiring

It's amazing how the simplest things we do for ourselves can inspire others once it's shared. To me that's sharing my thoughts through writing and even the simplest act of creating something; whether it's painting, colouring anything, somehow somewhere it travels and inspires people to do the same. My heart fills with joy knowing it could change someone's lives or help them get back to do what they used to enjoy before. It triumphs everything and it makes me want to keep going.

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Officially Becoming A Vegan
Sunday, February 11, 2018
Officially Becoming A Vegan

Yesterday 10 Feb 2018 was the day I officially decided to become a vegan. Why? A number of reasons.

1) I don't usually eat meat because I can't digest a huge amount of it and I find that my body respond better on eating plant-based foods. Even cooking raw meat and fish is disgusting to me.

2) I discovered I'm lactose intolerant in 2016.

3). It's something I've constantly dilly-dallying about but never fully committed to. I've posted a entry Can I Really Be Vegan? and Veganism in 2016.

4) I've read enough information in the past and watch other Youtubers their story, reasons and experiences and it really made me think twice.

5) This video "Best Speech You'll Have Hear" solidifies it. Gary mentioned that we practice compassion and love to each other but why can't we do the same thing to animals.

6) Went to Singapore Zoo yesterday for the first time and I can't stomach eating another living animal.

Actually I've tried going Vegan for a week 2016 but it was the cheese that I couldn't give up and I didn't have a big reason why I should change my diet. Now I know more and 2018 is the year I'll make veganism a goal.

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When Other Relationships Fail
Thursday, February 08, 2018
When Other Relationships Fail

I can't help but feel sad and broken hearted whenever I hear relationships fail, especially those that have been together long enough that I see them past any storm. It makes me reflect on my own relationship and want to do better and work harder to keep it strong and alive.

It's just heart breaking but it serves as a good reminder that I have to do my part to have a happy and peaceful relationship.
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Letter To Myself | To Open In 5 Years
Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Letter To Myself | To Open In 5 Years

vintage, red, and Letter image

Dear Future Self,

How are you? How is your life going right now? If you ask me well I'm here at Dentsu writing this letter to you at my desk at exactly 9:37am. You met the love of your life last year in May 2017 and wasn't that the most unexpected and unbelievable experience of your life? I mean you guys travel so much in a span of 6 months and that's just the beginning. I bet there's a lot of changes in your life right now and I'm sure you are in a good place.

Right now I'm filled with things I want to do. You see I started this 100 things in 1001 days and I'm trying to fulfill that to experience new things and get out of my comfort zone. Things has been a bit stale lately but I'm looking forward to traveling to Bangkok for the first time in 23 Feb. I'm also close to finishing the Purpose Driven Life and thereafter I'll start reading the bible. Isn't amazing how this practice creates a habit to start the morning with the Lord? It's such a good feeling.

On a more professional note well I want to move out of ad agency. I've been in this industry close to 10 years and I hope to move to apparel or cosmetic brands. We'll see how that goes but for now I'm still okay with where I'm at.

Want some advice sweetheart? Be okay with yourself regardless of where you're at; whether it be your weight, career, relationship, anything. Know that these are all planned for you and where you are is where you should be. Do you remember what we've learn in the past couple of days? Our purpose on this earth is to honor and serve the Lord. Him and only him. Spend time with your friends, go out, catch up with them. You've been so secluded lately and I encourage you to go out there because from what we've learned that's the only way we can develop our character to be like Christ and this is what we'll take with us in heaven. Don't stop going after your dreams even if you're 35 now. I know you still have a lot of things you want to do and see, go do them regardless what other people say. Keep your faith much like what you have now, be strong and know that the Lord is always with you and for relationship well remember this, RESPECT him. Always LISTEN, be PATIENT AND FORGIVE. Both of you are going far. It may not be easy but know that you have each other and believe that the Lord meant it to be that way.

Love always,
From your coming to 30 year old self.

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100 Things To Do In 1001 Days
Tuesday, February 06, 2018
100 Things To Do In 1001 Days

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.04.21 AM

I've attempted to do this before but it wasn't something that's well thought out. But now I had sometime and made a full 100 list to do in 1001 days. Credit goes to Design Darling of course for coming up with this!

Start Date: 6 Feb 2018
End Date: 3 Nov 2020

Arts and Classes 
1. Study art class
2. Try pottery class
3. Learn calligraphy
4. Take a fashion course
5. Attend a floral arrangement class
6. Attend a wine class
7. Attend a cocktail mixing class
8. Do yoga teacher training
9. Knit a throw blanket
10. Complete a new painting
11. Make a piece of art aside from painting
12. Write a short story series at Wattpad
13. Complete a 500 piece puzzle
14. Complete a lego puzzle
15. Complete 3x adult colouring books
16. Complete my 20's entry in Wattpad
17. Go to a book signing event
18. Attend at least 3 creative mornings session
19. Learn to play a musical instrument
20. Complete 5 DIY items on Pinterest
21. Complete 1 year of photo art journal
22. Go to 3 free outdoor events in Singapore (sports etc.)

Fitness and Wellness
23. Floss everyday for 30 days
24. Be a vegan for a month
25. Do hot yoga for a month
26. Go wall climbing
27. Meditate everyday for 21 days
28. Finish 12 weeks of Kyla Itsines workout
29. Complete a Lauren Gleisberg workout
30. Workout 5x a week for a month
31. Learn headstand
32. Take a boxing class
33. Go on a wellness retreat
34. Go for a full medical exam
35. Establish a proper skin care routine (serums and eye cream)
36. Get my cavity fix
37. Get LASIK eye surgery
38. Do a food intolerance check
39. Do DNA test
40. Get down to 45kg

41. Bake a pie
42. Make my own pasta
43. Bake a cake
44. Bake guilt free brownies
45. Cook a Filipino food
46. Make a lasagna
47. Bake a bread
48. Bake a banana bread
49. Cooked at least 10 new vegan dish
50. Cook at least 3 dishes from each of the cook books I own

51. Visit 3 new countries
52. Travel to 10 new places I've never been before
53. Stay in a hostel
54. See a snow
55. Watch the Brooklyn sunset
56. Go on a cruise
57. Walk along the beach of south america
58. Take a trip with another couple

59. Go 1 month without shopping unless it's a necessity
60. Invest in a health insurance
61. Invest money
62. Start a retirement plan
63. Put $10 dollars for every goal accomplished

64. Establish a freelance writing portfolio job
65. Launch The Thrift Project
66. Get a job in fashion

Just For Fun
67. Run 5k with boyfriend
68. Watch a movie under the stars
69. Have a picnic with boyfriend
70. Attend an art fair
71. Try a new hair colour
72. Host a house party
73. Host a holiday party
74. Organize a cloths swapping event
75. Go on a hot air balloon ride
76. Go on a helicopter ride
77. Go horseback riding
78. Go parasailing
79. Go zip lining
80. Go to a zoo
81. Volunteer in a church
82. Donate to a charity
83. Do a fund raising event
84. Purchase something for a good cause
85. Watch 5 indie movies
86. Complete 3 freeform series that I love and enjoy
87. Watch a broadway show
88. Watch a circus show
89. Write a letter to myself and open it on my 35 birthday
90. Finish reading the bible
91. No purchasing of clothes for 6 months
92. No makeup buying for 6 months
93. Try a food truck food
94. Visit 10 new restaurants in Singapore
95. Watch a sports games live
96. Buy a vintage camera
97. Purchase a photo printer
98. Read a When Breath Becomes Air
99. Read a Haruki Murakami book
100. Do a 3 day juice cleanse
101. Complete this list

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