Melissa Bolona Premieres "The Year of Spectacular Men" Alongside Director Lea Thompson
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Melissa Bolona Premieres "The Year of Spectacular Men" Alongside Director Lea Thompson

Actress and model Melissa Bolona premiered in “The Year of Specular Men” a comedy drama directed by Lea Thompson. The film focuses on Izzie, played by Thompson’s daughter Madelyn Deutch, a new college graduate who tries to navigate the world of dating as well as the post college “adult world”. As Izzy pilots both the dating and professional world, she relies on insightful advice from her successful sister Sabrina who is in a happy relationship of her own, and her mother, Deb Klein. The film was produced by Howard Deutch.

In addition to directing, Lea Thompson will also be playing Izzy and Sabrina’s mother and yoga guru, Deb Klein who has a 25-year-old girlfriend, played by Melissa Bolona. “The Year of Spectacular Men” has received great reviews for its frank and unabashed portrayal of the millennial dating world, as well as for its novel approach to common dating issues. 

Meanwhile, Bolona has been taking the acting world by storm earning dozens of main and feature roles over a short acting career, which only began in 2014. Since her initial role as Cindy in Grace of God Bolona has played a variety of major parts including staring as Lina opposite of Nicholas Cage in Dog Eat Dog, and her upcoming role as Becky in the thriller Malicious which is currently in post-production. 

With a star-studded cast and a humorous approach to some very modern dating issues, the movie is sure to become a fan favorite. The film was officially premiered at the LA Film Festival, but is set to hit the big screen in November 2017. In the meantime, you can check out Bolona’s other work at Melissa Bolona IMDB which contains a complete list of films featuring the actress.

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