Thursday, September 10, 2009

Face Value: The Look of Lily Allen

Ever wonder how Lily Allen achieve such dewy look?

It's very simple.... really... With just a simple steps you can have that natural glow without looking like a shinny disco ball. Let me show you how.

a. Go for a paler base, or mix your summer one with Acti'Mine Wake-Up Skin Make-Up Base in Poetique Tulip (Givenchy) to lighten the colour.

b. Use cream blush and sheer blush. Think Bobby Brown Pot Rouge. Keep the texture of your make-up translucent, but satin-textured.

c. Swap sea-salt spray for a shinier texturising product, such as Liquid Fabric Mineral Spray (Shu Uemura Art of Hair)

d. Keep applying that SPF. Those pesky UV ray can still get you!

e. Use a gradual tanner, so you can get your pins out when the sun shines. Try using Sun Kiss Body Hydrator With Self-Tan (Elemental Herbology)