Sunday, September 06, 2009

Nina Ricci's F/W 2009 8 Inch Witch Heels

This is totally insane. I mean it's not the height of these heels that I'm reacting to, it's more of the design.
Nina Ricci's sky-high mix of platforms and stilettos are not exactly the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear (obviously). In fact, some people even call these "The Suicide Shoes". Turns out that she is probably both crazy and amazing but at the same time a veritable Fashion Trend Oracle. Take a gander at what she just showed for Fall 2009.

(Witch or Elf Shoes? Call them whatever you like)
Though I applaud her for such ingenuity, I believe these shoes are only as good as they are on the runway. They are better to look at than worn on your feet--displayed proudly beside other deviant pairs like the famous Vivienne Westwood platforms that Naomi Campbell tripped in.