Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your Work Place Survival Tips

I'm not going to lie, working 8 hours or more a day in advertising is too much. From waking up early to running around in heels, sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. But then again I love my job. It's the kind of work that allows me to master the art of project management, which I think most ladies should know.

So how do I survive? Here's what I do.

{Get a manicure}
Don't you think it's nice to add a little pop of colour onto your nails while doing all the work? I think it is. It makes me feel happy whenever I look at it.

{Drink a good cup of coffee}
I try to drink coffee in moderation because I'm cutting down my sugar intake. But whenever I do, I feel so energize and focus at work.

{Eat right}
It's difficult to move around if your body is heavy. Make sure to not only choose healthy alternatives but also keep your portions small. Eating brown rice doesn't mean you can eat a lot of it.

{Have a snack}
It's good to have some snacks laying around. You're lucky if your office pantry is full of healthy stuff. If not, I suggest you pack some berries.

{Play music}
I enjoy listening to love songs, hip hop and rnb. I have my own playlist that way I can choose which music to play depending on my mood.

{Get yourself organized}
I always make sure that I have a clean office desk and a to-do list ready for the day. Nothing gets me more stressed out than having it all my work piled up and not knowing which one to do first.

image via weheartit