Thursday, April 05, 2012

Open Door Policy - A Bistro With A Rustic Flare

One thing I like most about this city is all the hidden bistros that you'd only know upon recommendations from friends or colleagues. It's one of it's charms that I greatly appreciate and because I enjoy discovering and trying out new places to eat, this was one of those that were on top of my list.

Tucked in a quainted little neighborhood of Yong Siak St, you can easily miss this place if you don't keep an eye especially when you're going there at night. But the patience is worth it. The food and ambiance are just as good as what most people would describe. The highlight of the meal? Definitely the beef cheeks and chocolate and pistachio souffle. It just melts in your mouth and the taste gets better after each bite.

If you happen to be around this area give this place a try. It's definitely one of those place you wouldn't want to miss.