Friday, May 11, 2012

The Best Chocolate Brownie

If there's one dessert that I'd die of eating it's a slice of chocolate cake. The pure rich goodness is enough to make me forget about everything. It just makes me happy.  

So yesterday I had the perfect reason to eat one. I was feeling a bit sick and I knew this was the only solution. I feel guilty eating an enormous slice of chocolate cake so I opted for a brownie instead. Little did I know, it was probably one of the best brownie I've ever tasted.

This is the espresso brownie from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It's a dark chocolate with a hit of espresso, both of which I love. It's dense, rich, gooey texture is enough to make me feel so full, I couldn't eat dinner afterwards. Seriously I think this is for 2 people and I ate the whole thing down.