Thursday, May 03, 2012

Boomerang Bistro and Bar - An Authentic Australian Cuisine

I was looking for Singapore's best sticky date pudding when I stumbled upon this bistro online. I decided to give it a try not only because of it's dessert but also because they serve breakfast all day on weekends. If you know me, I enjoy brunches and if it's overlooking the river then I have more reasons to try it. There's just something about soaking up the sun, wearing a cute sundress and drinking a glass of freshly squeeze orange juice that makes the weekend more relaxing.

I ordered "Bondi" (apparently, that's the only thing on the menu that looks safe for my diet.) It was light and tasty. I enjoyed the tunisan toast because of it's chewy texture and the eggs were perfectly poached and runny. Yea, it was good.

As for the dessert, it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I enjoyed that of Marmalade Pantry's so much that I was hoping this would beat it but it failed. Majority of the food bloggers said this is the best sticky date pudding in Singapore, that's why my expectations was high. But it doesn't quite appeal to me. It's not as sweet as Marmalade's and it doesn't have that "oh my gosh this is so good" factor. Though the portion is big, good enough for two, I'd rather have something small yet it taste awesome.

But a part from the food, this is good place to skip the crowd and just enjoy the outdoors.