Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dempsey Brasserie - A New York Style Bistro

I have a thing about bistros. I enjoy the rustic charm, food and ambiance. That's why when I stumbled upon this restaurant online, I knew I have to try it.

My favorite dish here would be the scallops with poached eggs and asparagus for appetizer and duck confit for the mains. I enjoy the duck confit so much that I clear my plate out completely. It was that good. I've tasted several duck confit from Le Bistrot du Sommelier and Open Door Policy (ODP) and this is the most tasteful of all. I'm guessing it's the creamy sauce that binds the flavor perfectly. As for the dessert, the sticky date pudding wasn't up to par with the Marmalade's nor Boomerang's. If you're the type who doesn't like really sweet desserts then I think you'd like this.

The place is also a good venue to have a couple of wines. They have a massive wine selection and surely you'd find something you like other than the usual. Celebrations are pretty popular here as well. While having dinner, a group of ladies are celebrating their friend's birthday and I've also read a blogger who did the same.

I'd definitely go back to this place. It's one of those bistros in the city that's worth trying.