Friday, June 01, 2012

Fire Up with Tefal Cookware

Are you guys feeling the heat lately? I know I did but there are a ton of ways we can enjoy this summer. How about hosting a barbecue party at your backyard? Tefal Cookware is here to share with you how you can enjoy grilling

Invest in a good barbecue. A cast iron grill surface is the perfect partner to meat. A premium grill brush is also worth the extra expense, as regular cleaning will help to protect the grill’s non-stick coating.

Buy the best quality meat.  Cheap meat is packed with sinew and fat that will turn your barbeque feast into a chewy mess. Invest time and money into finding the best meat in your area, which means skipping the supermarket and heading to your local butcher or farmer’s market.

Use the kitchen. A good barbeque starts indoors with the preparation of tasty marinades and side dishes. It’s also handy to keep cooked meats warm in the oven whilst you concentrate on the rest of the grill. The Tefal cookware range has a great hard anodised pan set with silicone grip handles that stay cool, meaning you can take hot meat straight from the oven to the table.

Build a multi-level fire. The best barbeques are created in different levels with real lumpwood charcoal and flavoured wood chippings. The varying levels create sections with different temperature, meaning you can move food around to avoid burning.

Lightly oil the grill. Wrap a clean tea towel around a pair of tongs and coat the barbeque surface with a thin layer of vegetable or rapeseed oil. This will help to protect the metal surface and create impressive grill lines on your burgers.

Glaze at the end. Marinades and sauces are essential for packing extra flavour into your barbeque, but the sugar can cause the meat to burn if added too early. Wait until the meat is almost cooked through, then add the glaze and cook for an additional couple of minutes.

Remember your five-a-day. A barbeque isn’t just a meat feast. Adding vegetables to the grill will inject colour and texture into the mix, whilst ensuring your body gets some vitamins and minerals along with a hefty dose of protein. Onion flavours work particularly well on barbeques because of their natural sugars. Try pre-cooking some sweet potatoes before toasting them on the grill for a crispy finish.