Monday, June 18, 2012


Interested in a collaboration or a feature in Think Runway? How about copywriting and editing? Need someone to manage your blog content social media channels? Look no further. I can help you with these!

For over 4 years in advertising, I worked on client and project management, creative and media planning as well as copywriting and editing. I understand the needs of my client and I make sure I deliver them well. With passion for fashion, branding, creative writing and digital media, it will be fulfilling to extend my hands in contributing to your company's continuing success.

What I Do:

1. Copywriting and Editing 

A clear communication is important for your audience to easily understand your message. If you’ve got something to say, or even if you’re not quite sure what to say, I can help get your message out in whatever style or medium that meets your needs.

2. Blog Content Management

A blog is a great platform to inform your audience about what's new and what's going on about your business and the industry, and I know how important it is in keeping it relevant and interesting. I will help you work on the contents by doing an in-depth research and create a visual representation that will cater to your audience.

3. Social Media Management

The advent of various media channels can be a bit overwhelming, yet I know how critical it is to use these to reach your audience. I will assess your current media channels and provide content and social media management that meets your goals.

If you want to know more on how I can help your company, you can email me at

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