Saturday, July 07, 2012

Summer Trends with American Express

This spring/summer is all about vivid prints, colours and textures, so we can expect to see plenty of eye-catching pieces emerging on the high street. Don’t worry if you prefer your colours a little more muted, however – another huge trend for summer is pastel shades, and particularly pastels that melt into one another.

Tie-dye has staged something of a comeback in keeping with the 80s/early 90s grunge trends that have swept the high street, and swirly shades of pink and mint green offer a softer, more feminine update on retro psychedelia.

So, to stay on-trend, stock up on block colour pieces or, if you’re feeling brave, neons: these look fabulous next to tanned skin, and could well become a weekend staple. For the working week, however, block colour dresses or striking separates look sophisticated and professional. To mix things up a little, try teaming two clashing pastel colour block pieces together for a welcome antidote to the usual greys and blacks of office wear.
Of course, if you prefer statement prints to plain pieces, you may be in luck. Perhaps the most all-encompassing trend this season is Aztec, Navajo and tribal prints. These bright, busy patterns blend geometric shapes with chaotic colour, and are best worn boldly on knitwear or skirts.

This may sound a bit much for the office, but these prints are summery and joyful, so if you’d like to introduce a little fashion excitement into the workplace, they’re perfect. Alternatively, for a more subtle nod to the trend, the high street is flooded with beaded cuffs and earrings in eye-catching turquoise.

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