Monday, August 06, 2012

Dean and Deluca Singapore - A Casual Cafe At The Heart Of the City

A few months ago this well-known café in New York finally made it's way to sunny side Singapore. With foods ranges from soups and salads to all day breakfast and desserts, this is one place you'd surely want to try.

I had dinner there last Saturday and I managed to try 3 dishes out of their menu; lasagna, meatballs and eggs iberico. The verdict? I find that most of their food are preheated, not good. Though I have to say I did enjoy the lasagna. The tomato sauce is sweet and it has the perfect ratio of pasta and cheese.
The meatball is forgettable while the eggs iberico wasn't bad at all. I like how they use sun-dried tomato bread instead of the usual toasted brioche. It gives it a more unique taste.

So will I go back there? Probably yes, but that is to try their desserts. I noticed people go there to have hi-tea not really for meals.