Thursday, August 30, 2012

What To Wear: Plane Travel


As you ladies may know, I'm off to a long haul flight this coming Friday and I want to make sure I'm wearing the most comfortable outfit. I don't want to get stressed out wearing tight clothes or painful shoes. It just doesn't do justice. So here is my go to outfit for a stress free flight.

Knit dress is always the best. It's loose and it keeps you warm. Don't forget your scarf and jacket. These will give you additional warmth just in case the air-condition in the plane gets too cold.

If you don't plan on wearing makeup, you can opt to wear sunglasses instead. No one would notice and you'd carry less stuff. I can't do with just that so I wear minimal makeup and make sure I carry the small sized skincare products to remove my makeup and hydrate my skin. 

I also carry a book with me to keep me entertained. I could opt for an iPad but the less weight I carry the better. Like I said I don't want to get stressed out and excess baggage is one of those.

So if you're planning your trip soon, keep these tips to mind. Surely, you'll enjoy the ride even more.