Friday, September 21, 2012

Be The Person You Want To Meet

They say when you travel to another country, it opens your eyes to a whole new perspective. I always knew about it but never thought how after a week long vacation in London would actually change the way I look at things and how I want to begin living differently... to begin living more in tune with who I want to be and how I want my life to proceed each and every day.

London is beautiful, so beautiful that I want to see more of Europe. It's so surreal, breathtaking and magical that after seeing all the gorgeous facades, people and learning about British culture, I felt like this is me; a girl who likes nice things, enjoys her morning toast and coffee, loves the adrenaline rush of a city life and a girl who treats herself to a piece of truffle or macaron every once in a while. 

The girl that I want to meet is all that and more; she values herself yet at the same time she enjoys the company of others, and this is exactly how I picture her:

1. Eats healthy food and limits her sugar intake

2. Works out to keep her body in tip top shape

3. Values quality over quantity

4. Keeps herself updated with the latest news in current events, fashion and beauty

5. Has a distinct style; classy, smart and playful 

6. Owns a collection of bag, jewelry, shoes and nail polishes

7. Reads novels to broaden her imagination and widen her perspective

8. Enjoys her wine with ham, cheese and olives with the company of good friends

9. Travels to New York, London, Paris and Milan 

10. Works hard to be on top of her career 

11. Allows herself to party hard

12. A caring mother and a loving wife

I think it's important to just listen to yourself and really know exactly who you are and what your aspirations are in life. It's not about being high maintenance or anything but it's more of being true to yourself and start living the person you truly are meant to be.

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