Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Style Inspiration: Mix It Up

One thing I love about fashion is that you can play around with your looks and you can care less about what other thinks. It's all about being true to your personal style yet at the same time, having courage to experiment items in your closet that some may deemed unusual. I think that's the fun part and I like getting inspiration from street styles because they are real unlike fashion editorials spreads we usually see on pages of magazine. 

So why not?

1. Mix fur with loud print and bright color

2. Mix purple leather, polka dot prints and navy dress

3. Wear textured red ensamble with floral prints

4. Pair glitter top with short baggy pants and loafers

5. Pair denim with loud print and a statement jewelry

6. Mix four colours at the same time

7. Pair your lady like skirt with a preppy knit top

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