Monday, September 17, 2012

When In London

It's been a week since I came back from London and I can still remember the feeling I had when I first got there; it was surreal and magical. The feeling of having one of my dreams come true is just unbelievable.

Life has a wonderful, breath-taking-away moments it wants to share with us if only we dare to dream that the impossible is indeed possible. ~ Shannon Ables of The Simply Luxurious Life

The first few days in London was tremendously cold but the sun finally gave it's warmth days after, perfect for endless siteseeing.  As you can see I took a good number of shots from my trip.

- The iconic Big Ben in Westminster after a stroll in Oxford Street. The structure was just massive and seeing it up close is breathtaking. 

- Westminster Abbey is just beside Old Parliament House. It was closed the night we visited so we opted to go back the next morning. But before we ended the night, we walked along London Bridge and had a glass of wine in a lovely bistro.

- The sun was out and a tour inside Westminster Abbey is a must. It's so magnificent and full of history that I was just in awe with everything I see. The highlight? Seeing the tomb of Queen Elizabeth I.

- Infamous Laduree macaroon that I was so eager to try. It's as good as everyone claim it to be.

- Having breakfast in The Breakfast Club in Soho. The portions are huge! We're lucky to get a table as the queue can get really long.

- Went to Victoria station for our 3 hour bus ride to Cardiff, Wales.

- Standing in the middle of amphitheater in Wales.

- Went up the tower inside this castle and the view is just breathtaking. 

- St. Paul's Cathedral is such a beauty. I couldn't pass it up as this is where the Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married. I want be in it and feel the history.

- Colourful facades are insight while walking along Portobello Market. We went there for some good vintage finds. I only manage to get a lovely pair of earrings but it was nice to see a different side of London. 

- Pancakes for breakfast is always a good idea before going to the Arsenal Stadium.

- Fish and Chips at it's best. You cannot not eat this traditional British food in London. 

- The Tower Bridge with paralympics logo. Beside it is the Tower of London but we didn't go inside as the sun was scorching and I can barely walk.

- The trip isn't complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. We went there in the afternoon and the weather is just perfect. Beside it is the Green Park. We had gelato and just took a moment of silence to just feel everything surrounding us.

- Last night in London. Picadilly Circus is always full of crowd and this is where all the theaters and performances are insight. I remember going home after a long day and feathers are just flying everywhere. It's just shows how fun and playful this place can be.

- A view of Soho inside Cote Brasserie while having french toast and a cup of latte. 

Oh London, you have been good to me. I'll see you in another time.