Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Small luxuries in life


sleepwear, earrings, ring, chick novelsnail polish, mug, macarons

Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves with small things that makes us happy. Whether it be a sipping a favorite cup of coffee or snuggling in bed in a luxurious sleepwear, the feeling of comfort and happiness at end of a busy day is absolutely necessary. 

I may not do much of macarons but I'm guilty of all other things. I'm starting to build a collection of nail polishes, vintage jewelries, luxury sleepwear and lingerie unconsciously. I just think they are special and every woman must own one. Nothing beats wearing the perfect accessory and feeling sexy while strutting your stuff down the street.

Small luxuries doesn't have to be expensive. Just find out what you love and have more of it.