Monday, October 29, 2012

Why Not Be More Mindful of the Moment?

If there is one thing I learn over the past week that has helped me a lot is this, to be more mindful of the present moment. So what does this mean? It simply means being aware of what's going around you at present moment without wishing it was different, without having to think about the past nor the future.

This plays a very important in role our day to day life because if we are mindful, we know the situation we are in, the decisions we're going to make and the direction it's going to take us.

I have listed down the areas in which it has helped me the most and hopefully this can guide you as well.

1. Work
I am able to pay more attention on what needs be done first and those that I can work on later. Working on it slowly but surely.

2. Diet
Listening to what my body needs; whether I am hungry or just thirsty, what it craves for and whether I am full or not.

3. Expenses
If it's really a need or a want. Sticking to my budget when it comes to daily expenses.

4. Relationship
Filtering the words that will comes out of my mouth so I don't hurt other people. Paying more attention to the person I'm talking to so I understand what they mean and how they feel thus directing my actions towards that.

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