Thursday, November 08, 2012

Baublebar and Essie Collection

Among all of the collaborations that Baublebar has made this year, this has got to be my favorite. I mean seriously, what could be better than combing Essie's gorgeous nail polishes with stacks of shiny bracelets from Baublebar? Nothing can beat that.

If you many not know yet, Essie is my favorite nail polish brand of all time. I've tried all other brands and I found myself combing back to it. Mainly because the bottle is cute and the range of colours are just too adorable. And yes, Baublebar being my go to site for all amazing and trendy jewelries is already a given. After purchasing my first pair of studs from them, I kept coming back for more and there is no excuse on passing this one up. It's too gorgeous. You get 3 different bracelets, one combined with the nail polish and you get to choose the 2 other from their selection. How fantastic is that?

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