When In Paris
Sunday, December 22, 2013
When In Paris

This has been a long awaited post. I haven't really got the time to write this one down lately because life happens and I have some catching up to do. But now that I have managed that, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on one of the most beautiful city in the world, Paris. 

Paris is definitely what it is from books, movies and photos. It is beautiful and I can't say that enough. From the moment I landed to the moment I start wondering around the streets, I knew this city was special. And I'm not going to lie, I was a bit scared. Not because of the city but because I had to experience a lot of new things on my own. I had my first quick 1 hour layover in Doha, first time to wonder around the streets and figuring out the directions on my own for a full day and I'm so scared of pickpockets because they are so rampant in Europe. Imagine getting lost and having to worry about some pickpockets, that's making me scared x 10. But thankfully, I did manage. I got lost here and there but some people are willing to help out. I end up taking the train 5 times that day, I was that bad in directions. 

But you know what they say, you learn a lot from traveling. So I took the time to sit down, absorb and  and reflect as to what the city is trying to teach me. Paris has thought me to appreciate the simple and  the finer things in life. From hardly wearing any makeup to wearing the most luxurious scents and lingerie. It's those small things but they do make a difference on how you look and feel. 

Most importantly Paris has thought me this; It's okey to be scared. It's okey to wonder and get lost because in the end you will find your way and there will be people who are kind enough to help you out.

I guess unless you experience it on your own, none of this will make sense but I was thankful to have this experience even though it seems scary at first.
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Fashion Leggings: Ways to Wear This Classic Item That Will Never Fade
Thursday, December 05, 2013
Fashion Leggings: Ways to Wear This Classic Item That Will Never Fade

Leggings are more popular than ever this season. From denim to print to leather, leggings are everywhere. Some women pull them off like a rock star, while others make us quickly turn our heads. If you want to rock your leggings, start by memorizing these universal truths:
Tights are not leggings
Tights are translucent or sheer and are usually made of a thin material. Leggings are opaque and made of thicker fabrics. Tights cling like the proverbial second skin; leggings have some give. For the classiest, most flattering look, shop for thicker, opaque fabrics that are fitted through the hip and thigh but not glued to the rest of your body.
Leggings are not pants
As flattering and comfortable as leggings can be, you don't want to look like you left your pants at home. Even women with perfect figures may reveal sights best left unseen in public. Always wear a top that, at the very least, covers your buttocks.
Leggings are also not jeans. You can't buy leggings that are pre-distressed and full of holes for a reason - they don't look fashionable, just worn out. When your leggings start pilling and showing signs of wear, it's time to retire them.
With that out of the way, let's focus on things you can do to look amazing in leggings:
What's hot in leggings
Aside from the universal rules of "thick, not thin" and "opaque, not see-through," your options are rich and varied. Solid or print, denim or leather, smooth or textured, neutrals or jewel tones: the options are seemingly endless. Chicous showcases some of this fall's new looks, including the hottest patterned leggings.
What to wear on top
The perfect top for leggings is slightly oversized and falls between the hips and mid-thigh. Long shirts or jumpers, short miniskirts, and shaped tunics are ideal. Bulky fabrics are great, but just about any fabric will work as long as it's not so thin you can see the top of your leggings through it. Large women may consider longer tops to cover more of their thighs. Petite women may want to choose a shorter top to make their legs look longer. Pose highlights some classic looks as well as a few that are a bit edgier.

As far as color and pattern, you're looking for balance. Boldly patterned leggings look great with a top or jacket in a neutral solid. Brighter tops that pick up an accent color in printed leggings are a stylish look, too. And just about any color top works with solid leggings. Just don't mix dressy with casual (yes, leggings can be dressy); pick a style and stick to it. Check out these great combinations at the Stir.
Shoes are crucial to pulling off a stylish outfit centered around leggings. Boots are the trend of the moment, and they can easily and quickly dress an outfit up or down. Classic boots with a heel immediately add a touch of glamour, while lace-up boots project a more casual look. Mid-calf boots can camouflage thick legs, while booties look great on skinny legs.
Ballet flats are another popular option. They offer the same slender profile as leggings, and the flash of skin from the top of your foot adds a nice visual break, especially if you choose flats the same color as your leggings. You can also dress things up with metallic or embellished flats; just make sure the "dressiness" of your shoes matches that of your top.
Pumps can work, too, but save them for your dressiest tops. Otherwise, your outfit can come across as mismatched. Pumps with a long button-down shirt don't work.
Pulling It Together
As with all things fashion, accessories are the finishing touch. Layering is a hot look, with a long jacket over a shorter top or jumper. Belts are another great option. If a tunic that's long enough to cover the essentials makes you look like a tent, cinch it with a loose chain belt just above your natural waist. It will add shape to your outfit and slim down your torso. For some examples, take a look at an online fashion finder. They've pulled together dozens of ensembles to help you pull off a complete look.
It's time to put the myths to rest. All women can wear leggings, so don't let weight or age keep you from wearing a look you love. Find what works best for you, and wear it with confidence!
Megan Barnes loves trendy fashion. She enjoys turning trends into flattering looks on style blogs.
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How to Run a Perfect Bubble Bath
Thursday, November 28, 2013
How to Run a Perfect Bubble Bath

For thousands of years water has been used to soothe tired muscles and calm distressed nerves as part of the bathing process. Ancient peoples were known to also incorporate special oils infused with fragrant flowers into their bathing rituals. While simple oils have been replaced primarily by soapy bubble bath products for use during a bath, the same objective of total relaxation is still sought. Today, many seek to perfect the art of bathing through the creation of a relaxing setting and the use of luxurious bath products. This formula for running the perfect bubble bath involves the indulgence of all five senses.
Preparing The Bathing Space
When preparing to take the ultimate bubble bath, one should ensure that the bathing space is perfectly clean. A dirty or otherwise cluttered bathroom detracts from the bathing experience because most people cannot relax when they are distracted by unsightly grime. After cleaning and de-cluttering the space, one needs to arrange the room so that essentials are easily reached even while relaxing in the tub. Some of these items include wash cloths, towels, any reading materials, and maybe a square of delectable dark chocolate. Other items like a bathrobe and slippers should also be kept handy.
Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere
While enjoying a piece of dark chocolate or a refreshing fruit smoothie during a bubble bath indulges one's sense of taste, creating a relaxing atmosphere focuses on one's sense of sight, hearing, and smell. A dimly lit space accented by candlelight sometimes creates a space that helps one relax right before going to bed while a bubble filled tub bathed in bright, natural light serves to rejuvenate a person before they start their day. Music and other soothing sounds like ocean waves or waterfalls add to the relaxing atmosphere of the perfect bubble bath. It also helps if one's bathroom colours are neutral so that vibrant or muted hues can be added depending on one's mood. A great way to add beauty, colour, and fragrance to a bath area is through the strategic use of flowers. Roses of all shades are classic choices for decorating a space while exotic flowers like freesia add natural fragrance to the space.
Choosing Luxurious Bath Products
There are many factors that affect one's choice of bath products for the perfect bubble bath including season, purpose, and general mood. The summer and winter seasons create the biggest contrast in bathing choices. Summer bubble baths often include formulas with lighter fragrances and foam. These formulas are designed to work well with exfoliating scrubs and lightweight moisturisers that help to keep skin glowing while exposed to the summer sun. In contrast, winter bubble baths feature dense foam bubbles infused with humectants that contribute to the moisturising properties of the rest of the bath products used. These silken bubbles are often saturated with the chosen scent formulated to linger on the skin long after the bubble bath is over.

The purpose of drawing the perfect bubble bath is to induce sleep, renew, or refresh the bather. The bubble bath and bath foams from boutiques like Abahna and Jo Malone of London feature naturally derived fragrances that help bathers meet the above mentioned objectives. For example, Abahna's award winning Frangipani and Orange Blossom bath foam has an intoxicating fragrance that manages to calm and relax bathers in preparation for a restful night of sleep. Jo Malone's Lime, Basil, and Mandarin body wash serves to renew the senses and refresh the body. Fun bath and body retailers like Lush make hand-crafted bubble bath bars that creatively provide scent and moisture to one's bath.


Bubble baths are fun, relaxing, and overwhelmingly enjoyable during all seasons. However, running the perfect bubble bath has a lot to do with the atmosphere of the bathing area and the quality of the bath products used. Those who use superior bubble bath and bath foam products specific to the season potentially emerge from their bath with glowing skin as well as a sense of well being. 

If you're looking to renew your old bathroom to create a more relaxing space, look to JT Spas' great range of luxury freestanding baths.

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How Men's Eyeglasses Can Accentuate Your Fashion
Sunday, November 24, 2013
How Men's Eyeglasses Can Accentuate Your Fashion


In a recent survey conducted by the experts at The Vision Council of America, and estimated 75% of the United States population utilizes vision correction in one form or another. In light of this estimate, it may seem odd that the topic of men's eyeglasses is not one which is frequently discussed or written about. However, the fact remains that more men have faced the opportunity to subscribe to corrective lenses than have not. The relevancy of the topic aside, there are many advantages that glasses can have for men that lay outside the field of vision correction. The right pair of frames can do a lot to accentuate and define a person's overall sense of fashion and the image they project for themselves. There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to eye wear for men and the many styles of frame can be somewhat daunting for those who haven't had the experience of purchasing eye wear before. However, there are a few key tips and tricks which can make the selection easier to handle. They main thing to focus on when searching for that perfect pair, is your taste in style and the feature of your face that will be paired with your new frames. 
Bold or Unobtrusive?
Many are of the opinion that men's glasses ought to be as unnoticeable and unobtrusive as possible. This look can really work for some, while for others, thin wire frames merely serve to accentuate the fact that glasses are being worn. The trick is to employ the use of frames that serve to balance the features of your face, rather than simply choosing the thinnest frames possible. 
The fact is, when you are wearing glasses, people can see them. No matter whether they are thin, frame less, or semi frame lessEyeglasses that may seem unobtrusive in the local frame emporium can sometimes render a person who has a strong face less striking. An odd pairing can do a lot to throw your look out of balance. Perhaps this is why there is a more modern trend beginning to prevail which embraces the look  that thicker darker frames afford. However, it is important to note that moving too far in this direction can do equal amounts of damage if paired with the wrong face. The key is to find a pair that does not define your face and fashion, but works with it. Remember that men's eyeglasses are an accessory rather than an article of style. 
Balance of facial features and style aside for a moment, it is also important that you feel your glasses are a reflection of your personality. At the end of the day, you are going to be the one wearing them. So feeling comfortable with your choice is a vital component of the overall process. Perhaps you are bold and colorful, in which case you might want to consider frames that are equally bold and colorful. Or maybe you tend to be on the quiet side, most comfortable when you blend in—for these individuals a more traditional frame might be a good option. Then there are those who are taking their new eye wear as an opportunity to step out of their bubble and try something new. Whatever type of person you are, making sure that you like the frames you choose is vital to a long lasting satisfaction with your glasses. 
Considering the Shape of your Face
There is a basic rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right frames for the right face. Observe your features, what do you see? What shapes is your face lacking? Is it sharp and angular or soft and round? Whatever you see, picking frames that have forms and shapes that are lacking in your face can help to balance out your features. For example, those who have a face with smooth, gentle curves, then consider getting glasses which are square or angular in shape. Taking a friend with you when trying on different frames can make the process easier and help you select the pair you will go with.
Article from of Zenni Optical. Get more glasses fashion tips and technology updates from the Zenni Blog or follow Follow Zenni on Twitter @zennioptical
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Christmas Proposal Ideas
Sunday, November 24, 2013
Christmas Proposal Ideas

Most little girls dream of their wedding day but adult women daydream about the proposal. A romantic proposal begins with the right ring which can be a harrowing experience if you are unprepared.
It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the 4C’s (cut, color, carats and clarity) before going ring shopping. Knowing the type of metal you want should considerably reduce the amount of time you will need to find the perfect ring for your loved one. If you are undecided as to what metal you should be shopping for, you should note that each type of metal (platinum, gold, white gold, sterling) has their own pros and cons. A good jeweler will be able to talk you through each one and provide you with the information that you need in order to make the right decision. 
So, you’ve got the perfect engagement ring and have decided Christmas is the right time to propose. Why not take a cue from the following ideas.
1. Your love is as unique as a snowflake. So why not purchase a shiny snowflake ornament for the Christmas tree and slip the ring around the hook just before placing it on the tree? That’s romantic.
2. If you want to propose in front of the family, Christmas dinner is the perfect time to do so. You could hide the ring in a Christmas cracker, and she will surely get a big surprise when a diamond ring falls on to her lap! Many families choose to order Chinese food on Christmas Eve as it eliminates the hassle of having to cook and clean up. If this is something that your family does on Christmas Eve, you could have the ring placed in a fortune cookie with a fortune that asks “Will You Marry Me?”
3. If you’ve had a long courtship with your partner that has seen its share of bumps along the way, you could fill a stocking with sweet, romantic surprises like a matchbook from the place you went on your first date or a cd with your favourite song on it etc. Everyone knows that diamonds are formed as a result of coal after a lot of pressure and time. You could give your loved one a lump of coal that opens up to reveal a stunning diamond. You may want to attach a note that says something like “We’ve survived the pressures and tests of time, let’s begin anew and let our love shine bright.
4. Use Christmas lights to write the words “Marry Me?” on the wall of a room. Keep the lights low and ask her to come and help you wrap some last minute gifts. Have a few props like wrapping paper and presents there to make the scenario all the more believable. Have the box that contains the ring hidden away in a half wrapped state. After she’s begun wrapping something, hand her the box in question and ask her to finish wrapping it as you’re having difficulty with it. As she begins to finish wrapping the box, tell her you’ll give her some more light by flipping on the switch to illuminate your proposal on the wall as she unknowingly holds her ring in her hand.
You know your partner better than anyone else. If she is quiet and private, keep the proposal to yourselves and plan it accordingly. And if she’s the type of person that loves to have her friends and family around, you should make the proposal a big family affair and celebrate together afterwards. 
Orla Nolan is a freelance blogger based in Dublin, Ireland. She writes on behalf of several Irish businesses including Stonechat Jewellers.

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What You Need to Know if You Are Considering Dental Implants
Sunday, November 17, 2013
What You Need to Know if You Are Considering Dental Implants

Having teeth missing, whether it is through injury, illness, age or bad dental health, can be something that really affects the way you look, and subsequently how confident you feel. While dentures can give the appearance of those missing teeth still being there, they can be uncomfortable, can be a pain to look after, and also can't be worn 24 hours a day. For many people, the solution is to have a cosmetic procedure that implants new false teeth into the jaw, leaving them with permanent, natural looking teeth. This kind of procedure is not something to limit to lightly, as it has a significant cost involved, however for many people it can be truly life changing. Here are some of the things to consider if you are thinking about getting implants yourself:
How Are They Implanted?
A titanium implant is placed in the hole left in the jaw by your old tooth. This is then left in place while the jaw heals and fuses around it. It can take around 12 weeks for this process to finish, but once it does, a new fake tooth can be mounted on the implant. This tooth would be fashioned by professional experts based on your existing teeth, and things like the shape of your bite. The colour can also be made to match your real teeth. The implants are intended to give the most realistic appearance possible, so you will have your old healthy smile back.
Do They Always Work?
There is a very high success rate for dental implants when applied by a professional cosmetic dental team. While some implants don't take, as with any case where something foreign is implanted into the body, it is estimated that about 98% of procedures are a success.
Can Anybody Have Them?
If your gums are in good condition and you are healthy enough in general to undergo a procedure under local anaesthetic, there is a good chance you'll be a suitable candidate for dental implants. If you have damaged gums, have had surgery on your head and neck, have lost some of your jaw bone or are a heavy smoker, you will need your case to be assessed on an individual basis as it may not be possible to use implants on you at all, or until your condition improves.
Do They Hurt?
Surveys on people who have undergone this kind of procedure have shown that the discomfort isn't too serious, compared with other dental procedures. It is usually performed under a local anaesthetic, which prevents pain during the procedure, and the soreness experienced afterward can be managed with normal over the counter pain killers for most people. The surrounding natural teeth don't need to be worn down to have implants put in either, unlike with other tooth replacement methods like bridges.
If you are interested in finding out more about your own suitability for implants and the kind of cost your case would involve, then the best thing to do is talk to a cosmetic dental clinic. Most offer free consultations to look into whether or not implants will be possible for you, and will also be able to suggest alternative ways to improve your smile if they are not.
Hayley Barker wanted to find out more about cosmetic implants so she visited a cosmetic dental Adelaide clinic.  She decided to go ahead with the procedure and is very happy with the end result.
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5 Style Classics that Never Get Old
Saturday, November 16, 2013
5 Style Classics that Never Get Old

Trends come and go, but there are some styles that remain in fashion through the months, years and decades - items of clothing that are versatile, adaptable and effortlessly cool, favoured by the rich and famous as wardrobe staples that never grow old.  Here are five items of clothing that, with the right accessories, will look fantastic through the years:
Pinafores weren’t just confined to the school playgrounds of the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, pinafore dresses are still worn today and look great on stars like Kiera Knightley, Zooey Deschanel and the girls from Little Mix. Cute and classic, they can be worn with t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts for an ever-changing look.
Vintage Dresses with Collars
Pop Boutique vintage dresses, and other vintage dresses from the 60s, 70s and 80s, usually have big rounded or pointed contrasting collars. Dresses with full-length arms also have matching cuffs. It’s a timeless style best suited to people that want to look classy, sophisticated and cute. Vintage dresses are perfect for creative types.
Denim Jackets
Denim jackets keep making their way back. Perhaps what’s so great is that they no longer come in just a light blue wash. You can get denim jackets in almost any colour, and they’ve got a pop star/rock star look and can be personalised with patches, embellishments and iron-on designs. Madonna might have brought denim jackets into widespread popularity, but stars like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Natalie Portman are keeping them in their place.
Fashion Scarves
Fashion scarves, usually made of lighter and thinner material than those big woollen scarves that we bundle up in winter, are a great way to accessorise and to completely change an outfit. With a wide range of patterns and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Some women have wardrobes full of scarves in just about every colour, for casual and formal occasions. Whilst fashion scarves are a timeless classic, there are now an increasing number of clothes shops stocking ‘snoods’. A snood is a smaller scarf with both ends joined, worn over your neck like a necklace.
This is the obvious ‘style classic’. They’ve been around since the late 1800s, and you’ll struggle to find anyone that doesn’t have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Again jeans are sold in a wide range of colours, yet it’s the classic blue denim look that remains the most popular. A good pair of jeans will see you through almost any occasion, as good for the night club dance floor as they are for a picnic in the park or the weekly shopping trip.
There’s definitely something to be said for keeping a few style classics even as fashions change by the season. These items of clothing will keep returning to popularity, and are things that you can wear with confidence even when everyone else has moved on to something new. They’re clothes that never look out of date, and with the right accessories you can modify your outfits to suit any occasion or time of the year.

Sheri Lewis writes on fashion for a number of leading brands.
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Help Heal And Prevent Back Pain With This Advice
Saturday, November 16, 2013
Help Heal And Prevent Back Pain With This Advice

Most back pain happens because of a muscle injuries. Damage to ligaments or muscle strain can have a lot of the back. This article will give you lots of back pain tips. While there are certainly moments in which you may feel hopeless, back pain generally will subside after some time.
Sleep on an adequately firm mattress that has the right amount of firmness. It is generally agreed that very soft mattresses are bad for your spinal health. Firm mattresses are better, but a mattress that is too firm can cause pain as well. You may have to visit a number of stores and try different mattresses before finding one that is suitable for your needs.
Never try to ignore your back pain. Many people actually ignore back pain and push through it. They sometimes even attempt to ignore things to get rid of back pain. Take it slow until the pain lets up.
You can prevent back if you try lifting a box without confirming its contents. The contents of the box can be surprisingly heavy and can put unexpected strains on your back. Don't risk your back health by assuming you know how heavy something is according to the picture or label on the weight.
Lifting things that are too far from you is usually a result of laziness and time constraints. People tend to take shortcuts often and daily. You should make sure that you move closer to objects that are too far away, and spend the time to lift correctly.
Breast reductions are less frequent than breast reductions. Women who choose to get breast implants often suffer from the same problem.
The fastest relief can be found by applying heat to those muscles while lying on the tense muscles. It will also be a good idea to drink a lot of water and reduce your sodium until the pain is better. This is because dehydration can either cause or worsen muscle spasms more intense.
There are tons of back pain. It is crucial that you talk to you doctor before you make any decisions about medication. Over the counter medicines can be helpful, but other times prescription strength medicine or painkillers are necessary.
You need to lose some weight if you're carrying any extra. Extra weight will shift the balance of your body. This places excess strain on the lower back muscles, and lead to back pain.
It may seem to go against common sense, but those who have back pain need to exercise regularly. People with back pain are often under the impression that exercising will make their back pain worse, but therapeutic exercise is extremely helpful. Stretching and developing back muscle can actually help ease the back pain for a large amount of people.
Many people know what it's like to have back pain. They have probably experienced it at one time in their life or are going through it now. This article included some good tips for dealing with back pain; it's up to you to follow them. Treat yourself with care, and take some time to cure your back pain the right way.
Our mattress store in Capitol Heights offers the latest models and brands of mattresses at affordable prices. Plus, we have a wide selection of sizes, from twin beds and bunk beds to expansive king size. With beautiful, brand new mattresses, comparable to those found in expensive mattress stores, we offer the best selection and have the happiest customers in the area.

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Choosing the Right Jewellery to Give as a Gift This Christmas
Thursday, November 14, 2013
Choosing the Right Jewellery to Give as a Gift This Christmas

It's is nearly time to start Christmas shopping again (if you haven't already), and it is at this time of the year that our thoughts turn to what to give our nearest and dearest to make the day special and show them how much they mean to us. When it comes to the women in our lives, be they partners, sisters, mothers or daughters, jewellery is almost always a good option. Even women who don't wear much tend to have a few special pieces that they treasure, so it is nearly always appreciated if it is in keeping with the taste of the lady in question. Of course, picking something out isn't always so easy, and with the wide abundance of things filling jewellers' display cabinets to tempt the eager Christmas shopper, it can be really tough to choose. Here are some tips to help you get it just right:
What Item To Get
The most common jewellery pieces are of course earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches. There are also things like ankle bracelets and body jewellery, but we'll stick to the main categories here.
Earrings are of course, only any good if she has her ears pierced. If you don't know for sure that she does, choose something else. There would be nothing worse than being given a beautiful pair of earrings and not being able to wear them! Earrings can also cause allergies more than other types of jewellery, so it is best to stick to silver, gold or platinum if you aren't sure.
Necklaces tend to be a safe choice because anyone can wear them, but take care to notice if she already has one that she always, always wears (for example a cross or a locket). If she does, she probably won't really wear a new one, because most people don't like to wear two together and she probably has a personal reason for always wearing the one she has.
Bracelets are even safer because she has two wrists to choose from! They are also good as gifts because you can choose something that fits your budget but still looks special. You can go all out on a diamond tennis bracelet for your wife, or choose a chunky silver bangle for your teen daughter.
Rings are generally not the best choice of casual gift because it is hard to get the size right and avoid clashes with things like wedding and engagement rings (if you give your sister a cool silver ring but she is wearing a gold band as a wedding ring, they won't go together and she won't wear the silver one). Of course, an eternity ring is always a nice gift for a wife.
Make It Extra Special
Whether you are giving some inexpensive but well thought out fashion jewellery or a stunning pair of diamond earrings, the right presentation is going to make it a better gift. Look out for attractive jewellery cases you can put the gift in if there wasn't one you liked provided with it by the shop where you got it.

Shopping and fashion blogger Sally Thurston loves Christmas, because it gives her a chance to write about the best fashion gifts and help people with their Christmas present dilemmas! She believes jewellery is one of the best 'fall back' options for women, because it works for all ages and for everything from a friend to a wife or mother. 
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What Are the Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women?
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
What Are the Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

As we all know, hair changes throughout the course of our lives, becoming coarser, greyer and thinner as we age. In men, significant hair loss is pretty commonplace, with some men beginning to show thinning patches or a receding hairline as early as their teens. In women, hair loss to a significant degree is far less common, but there are a number of different things that can cause it to happen. Whether it is extreme hair loss to the point where the woman in question is permanently or temporarily bald, or patchy thinning, noticing a change in your hair can be a sign of a health problem or the result of all kinds of causes. Here are some of the most common reasons a woman might experience hair loss:


Most people know that chemotherapy used to treat cancer causes hair to fall out, in many cases completely. The hair does grow back after treatment has finished, but in many cases it comes back a different texture or color to how it was before. Chemo is an extreme example of a medical treatment that causes hair loss, but there are other medicines that can cause changes in the hair. Medications used to treat fairly common things like depression, high blood pressure and arthritis have also been shown to cause temporary hair loss in some patients.

Hormonal Changes
Hormones regulate the growth of cells in the body, including the hair. Hormonal changes throughout a woman's life, for example pregnancy, the menopause, puberty, and any hormone medication she might be taking can cause thinning of the hair, or other changes. Also, hormone related conditions like thyroid issues can affect hair.

Medical Conditions
Alopecia is the most commonly known medical cause of extreme hair loss, however other things like scalp infections, skin diseases and diseases that cause scarring can also leave thinning or bald patches on the scalp. Hair restoration will occur naturally in many of these cases when the disease or infection is cured.

Shock or Stress
Times of serious emotional or physical shock or trauma are prone to causing changes in the hair for a temporary period. This can be something like a dramatic physical change, like rapid weight loss, sudden serious injury or surgery, or an emotional upheaval like a bereavement. Longer term periods of stress, for example if you are unemployed or going through a divorce, can also slowly begin to impact your hair.

Mental Disorders
There is a compulsive psychiatric disorder that causes people to pull out their own hair. This is called tricholotomania and is in some ways similar to an obsessive compulsive disorder. Hair will grow back normally, but the underlying root of the condition needs to be addressed or the sufferer will keep on pulling their hair out.
Hair Styles
In some cases, something as simple as scraping your hair back into tight hairstyles every day can damage it in places and make it fall out or thin. If you notice the condition of hair in certain areas changing, consider looser styles or alternating different styles to prevent strain on the hair.
If the problem is severe, you may want to book an appointment at a hair loss clinic to talk your worries through with a practitioner and seek a solution.
Gemma Allen suffers from stress induced alopecia.  After visiting a hair loss clinic she gained a deeper understanding of what was causing the problem.

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How to Save Money when Shopping for Baby Clothes
Sunday, November 10, 2013
How to Save Money when Shopping for Baby Clothes

Every parent knows how demanding shopping for baby clothes is. This is due to the fact that babies tend to grow really fast more so during their earlier years. The worst thing about shopping for baby clothes is that, they are both expensive and only get to be worn for a short while before the baby outgrows a given size. The good news is, there are various ways by which you can save while shopping for baby clothes.
It's always advisable that the soon-to-be parents should start shopping for baby clothes long before the baby is born. Even though one may be unaware of the baby's gender, there are quite a number of unisex clothes that one can buy. The main advantage of starting to shop early is that, you get to relieve yourself off the heavy clothing budget that would otherwise be imposed on you if you wait till the last minute to shop. This kind of shopping is furthermore ideal for parents who cannot afford to do all the shopping at once, but one at a time.
A keen shopper is also bound to notice that the rate at which clothes are sold tend to change with seasons. For instance, during the winter, winter clothes are sold at higher prices. To avoid paying heavy prices for the baby's winter clothes, the secret is to shop for a given set of clothes when those clothes are off season. For instance, it's during the summer, then, this is the time you should start shopping for the winter clothes.
It's normal for babies to outgrow their clothes size within a very short time. At times, a baby may even wear a given clothe just twice or thrice before it stops fitting them leaving no time to save in between shopping trips.  Parrot Payday Loans can provide the funds needed to make these essential purchases when your baby can't wait til pay day and demands a new wardrobe! To avoid going at loss every time your baby's demands a new clothes size, the best way forward is to shop for a size that is a little bigger than the baby's current size. This is important for it enables the baby to wear the clothes for a longer time.
Since many babies only get to wear their clothes for a limited number of times, or, there may be some of the clothes that you bought that the baby never gets to wear at all, instead of throwing them away, you can re-sell them. Of course the price at which they'll be sold will be a bit cheaper, but considering the alternative, it's worth it. With this little money, you can buy more baby clothes. At the same time, you may similarly get to benefit from these stores for in here, you too are bound to find really nice clothes that would be great for your baby. There indeed is no harm in shopping for your baby clothes from these stores for as earlier mentioned; they are as good as new. However, one ought to wash them carefully before making the baby wear them.
Lastly, there's always the option of taking advantage of special deals and promotions. Since babies are born all year round, finding these deals is very easy. Many of these promotions mainly consist of a wide collection of baby items. Even if the price of the products may be a bit expensive, what one needs to pay attention to is the difference between buying the collection of items vs buying each item separately.
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Top Christmas Gifts For Women
Thursday, November 07, 2013
Top Christmas Gifts For Women

It’s that time of year again!  Fall is almost over and wintertime will soon be here.  After the turkey is trimmed on Thanksgiving, everyone will turn his or her thoughts towards Christmas.  Perhaps it might be wise to start thinking about your shopping earlier this year – especially when it comes to the special woman in your life.  Since it is not always easy to shop for women, the following gift guide will make your holiday shopping easy.  In fact, you might even be able to get everything done before Thanksgiving even arrives!
There is arguably nothing better you can get the woman you love than jewelry.  It is sentimental, thoughtful, long lasting and heartfelt.  However, choosing the perfect piece for her tastes can be difficult.  In most cases, something simple and classy like diamond stud earrings will win over the heart of any woman.  If you do not want to give her something so traditional, you can look for gem jewelry.  Rubies, sapphires, opals, and pearls are great options for gems.  They look amazing on earrings, rings, or necklaces.
Although less sentimental than jewelry, clothing is a great gift option for women during the holiday season.  There are plenty of articles of clothing you can purchase for her; however, you need to know her style and size.  If you are not savvy in the fashion department, consider asking her friends for help.  You can go to the mall with them during your lunch break or shop online.  If you are not sure what to buy, consider purchasing a complete outfit.  This is more special than a few pairs of pants, and it means more because you put some thought into it.
Weekend Getaway
If you want to spice up the romance in your life, plan a weekend getaway to present to your lady on Christmas.  When planning this getaway, make sure to keep her in mind.  Too often, men plan the vacation around them.  Instead, consider scheduling activities that she will enjoy.  Also, get her a gift that she might use during the trip, like a new sweat outfit, an electronic reading device, clothing, pajamas, or slippers.  This will help her to feel excited about the upcoming getaway.
Another go-to gift for women is a handbag.  Every woman loves to carry around an amazing new handbag.  Sadly, they do not always have the budget for this expense.  You can surprise her this holiday season with the handbag she has been dreaming of.  Just make sure it is a style that suits her.  There are unlimited options to choose from when it comes to purses.  Therefore, you have to choose one that fits her lifestyle, personality, style, and needs.
Finally, perfume is always a great gift for women – especially during the holidays.  The challenge with this gift is finding the right scent that suits her tastes.  If you are confident in your abilities, you can select one that you would enjoy smelling on her.  You can also purchase another bottle of her favorite scent.
Get your Christmas shopping done early this year.  Purchase one of these gifts for the woman in your life.
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Subtle cosmetic procedures in Singapore
Thursday, November 07, 2013
Subtle cosmetic procedures in Singapore

A heavily botoxed face and unnaturally large breasts are so passé. In 2013, discretion is the order of the day.
Savvy Singaporean women want to look good and are willing to pay the right price for it, but they don’t want to look like they’ve had anything done. Modern cosmetic procedures are so subtle that people will remark that you’re looking well, but they won’t realise that you’ve had any help…
Breast enlargement
The hourglass figure is by far the most desirable. The world’s most attractive women like Marilyn Monroe tend to have small waists, big hips and a generous bust size. For us mere mortals, however, that perfect ratio is hard to attain.
If you’re looking to achieve a curvier figure without looking out of proportion or having unnatural-looking implants, you probably don’t have to go up many cup sizes to get the desired effect. Fans of breast enlargement like Heidi Montag and Victoria Beckham are actually going down a few cup sizes (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/11/01/heidi-montag-gets-more-plastic-surgery-removes-oversized-implants/) after getting implants to look more natural while still boosting what nature gave them.
These days, surgeons in Singapore performing breast enlargement procedures are taking fat deposits elsewhere on a patient’s body, and using them to give the breast area a natural boost. The effect is subtle, without any of the complications that can come with artificial implants. Plus, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of some fat in another area of your body.
Skin treatments
When it comes to looking youthful, it’s usually the texture of your skin and the size of your pores which give your age away. And if you spend a lot of time in the sun, you’re particularly prone to developing an uneven skins tone or discolouration, which can be incredibly aging.
But getting a face lift is not only invasive and risky (you don’t want to be left looking permanently surprised by life), but it doesn’t always make people look younger. And while fillers can help plump the skin and combat wrinkles, you have to be in the hands of a very experience and talented surgeon to avoid coming away with a puffy face.
Skin peels are a lot more effective. There are some drastic peels which can make a huge difference by sloughing away the dead skin cells, but be prepared to shut yourself away from the world and avoid the sun entirely as your skin sheds and heals itself. For a more subtle improvement which will have you back in public in far less time, opt for a less harsh peel, dermabrasion or a laser treatment for a more gentle exfoliating effect, without the unsightly peeling.
We’ve all seen people come back to work after a long weekend looking puffy or lacking any expression in their faces. If you don’t want the office gossiping about you may or may not have had done, ask your clinic about amore staggered approach to botox. You may have to wait a while to see results, but you can stop before you start to look unnatural.
Weight loss
So-called ‘lunchtime lipo’ is a big hit with busy professional women who simply can’t afford to book weeks off work to recover. Just make sure you choose an accredited practitioner, even you’re not going under the knife.
Non-invasive treatments that freeze fat cells or target problem areas without surgery promise to deliver great results in just a few hours, without all the bruising and swelling normally associated with liposuction.
Don’t forget your teeth!
Even with smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom skin and the slimmest figure, your teeth could be letting you down. Smoking, not brushing regularly and drinking tea and coffee can all make our teeth yellow over the years. Speak to your dentist about a safe tooth whitening programme that will protect the enamel of your teeth while safely taking you a few shades lighter.
The authe believes that beauty comes from inside but touching up the outside is something she does consider important.
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