Monday, January 21, 2013

I Got My Job Promotion!

Last Thursday, I got the most exciting news. I got my job promotion! I'm now an Assistant Account Manager. I'm a sucker for fancy title. I don't know why but maybe because the way it's linked to you name is somehow an indication of where you are in your career. And I'm proud to say that I am moving up the corporate ladder and that all my hard work has finally paid of. Those days of running around meetings after meetings, dealing with problems after problems were all worth it. I'm now more inspired to do a better job, to do what is expected of me and more. 

After almost 4 years in the industry, I have finally accepted that in this unglamorous world of advertising, unlike most people think, takes a lot of hard work, passion and dedication in order to succeed. It's not enough that you just do it but more so to be willing to take the extra step to do what is necessary. It's not all fun but when you're doing what you love then success would just fall naturally onto your lap, especially when you least expected it.