Thursday, March 07, 2013

Lusting Over: Givenchy Obsedia Bag

I'm a small purse kind of girl. In fact, I bring around a few items with me that I could totally head out the door with just a small clutch on my hand. That's why this Givenchy Mini Obesdia Bag seems well-suited for me and of course for you ladies who also don't carry around a huge tote bag everyday. It may seemed quite small but it can fit your basic essentials like cash, keys, cards, lipsticks among others.

You can find this on all Givenchy stores and it also comes in different colors such as red, black and brown.  Much like other designer bags, the color depends on the season. So if you find one that you like most chances are, it will no longer be available next season. So I suggest you get a hold of it while you can.

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