Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nail Color of The Week: Essie Fruit Sangria

If there is one collection I have, it's definitely nail polishes. I just love seeing cute bottles all lined up on my shelf like candies. It's just too pretty. And because I wanted to add in more beauty post, I thought why not share with you the nail color that I'm wearing for the week. 

What I have on now is Essie Fruit Sangria. It's described as a hot pink cocktail with a dab of sugar. I wasn't really looking for this color when I bought it. Normally I would have something in mind to buy then I'll go look for it. But for this, I just happen to see it over rows of nail polishes during one of the beauty fairs and I thought that it's such a pretty color and I don't have it in my collection yet. 

So I tried it on and yes, the color is super pretty. It's definitely hot pink, perfect for this spring.