Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty Solutions for A Flawless Glow

The problem—This winter I struggled with flaky skin on my face that no amount of moisturizer could fix.  I took to slathering my face is heavy creams, concocting my own sugar scrubs, and even resorting to olive oil on my face.  This of course resulted in redness, irritation, and breakouts.

The opposite of the problem I was having.  I’m after that flawless glow!

Using foundation only enhanced these flakes and powder was out of the question.  Turns out it was time to update my skincare routine and add one easy product to my makeup bag.

The solution—A high quality scrub and primer! 

I use this Laura Mercier Face Polish once a week and it is so much gentler than any scrub I've found. Just a small amount sloughed off all my flakes and revealed smooth skin underneath. (Source)

On days I don't use my facial scrub, I use warm water and my fingers to apply Fresh Soy Face Cleanser to gently wash my face. I love the light cucumber scent and milky texture, plus it is safe to use around the eye area. (Source

After cleansing and drying my skin, I moisturize with Origins Balanced Diet Lotion. I have both sensitive and combination skin and most moisturizers give me redness and breakouts. Balanced Diet gives me the perfect amount of hydration without causing oil or shine later in the day. (Source) 

Before applying foundation I use a pea-sized drop of Laura Mercier hydratingprimer.  This product changed my life and a full-sized tube will likely last me over a year.  Finally, I can wear foundation again!  My face initially looks a bit shiny, but foundation and a bit of loose powder will take care of this completely. (Source)

Lastly, I dampen my ellipse sponge from MAKEUP FOR EVER before dipping it into my liquid foundation. 

I’m happy to say my skin now looks smooth and foundation blends right in.  Even after a full day out in the city my makeup doesn’t budge!  I think the scrub and primer have even contributed to the overall texture of my skin and on weekends I will venture outside without makeup. 

Has anyone else suffered from this problem?  What products do you use to combat flakes and get your skin ready for foundation?  

Written by Julia Kristin Summers 
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