Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ultimate Coachella Style Essentials


top to bottom: Rose Crown / Sequined Dress / Straw Hat / Dangling Earrings / Heart Sunglasses / Ankle Boots / Essie Nail Polish / Pattern Cuff /  Gold Cuff / Boho Top / Fringed Chain Cross Body Bag / Distress Denim Shorts / Beaded Sandals

If you're a music lover like me, you'd probably know that Coachella Music Festival has already began. And with all the fashionistas strutting their style while enjoying the music, you surely don't want to be left behind. That is why for this weekend, I want to share with you my Coachella Style Essentials. It's all about being hip and comfortable; distress denim shorts, beaded sandals and a fringed cross body bag are a must. So go ahead, gab these amazing pieces and dance to the beat in style.