Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Aboard: The Nautical Look

I’m definitely a big fan of the nautical look, and with summer approaching, what better time to rock it with flair?

My go-to way to sport this nautical, summer-worthy style is via navy and white and also anchors, with maybe even a little red mixed in. This is preppy, classic, and - in a word - perfect.
Although this look, like I said, on the outside is preppy, prim, and proper, it can also be chic, messy, and abundant with flair. You just have to add your own spin to it! Pairing it with things like statement necklaces, bright colors, big bows, or other fun accents is a great way to make it pop and turn it into something unique, out of the ordinary, and all-around stylish.

The great thing about this style is that you can find it in any form. Sport it in the style of a bag, shorts, a top, a skirt, accessories, a dress, or anything else in between. Another unique thing about the look is that you can do it in pieces. For instance, you can pair a plain white shirt with navy accent jewelry and navy pants - or anything fun like that!

By all means, this is a time to be playful with your fashion choices. That’s one of the best parts of summer! Just because the nautical look, at first glance, is seemingly too classic to mess with - be daring! Do your own thing with it and add a little spin. You’ll love the results and be sure to turn some heads

Written by Sara LeDuc
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