Monday, May 27, 2013

Blood Orange Heels

If I could tango through life, these would accompany me nicely. I found these abandoned Seychelle heels the other day when searching for some summer heels that wouldn’t be uncomfortable if I wanted to take a stroll through the city. As of lately I’ve been pretty clingy with my flats because I feel they never fail me when my feet do. This pair I can swear by because the suede strap material comforts long walks and nights under the disco ball. 

Now I know bright heels are certainly daring for some but in all fairness I used to rock the black heel at all times with the occasional Taupe or Camel color. This is totally OK! But having a bright statement color in your footwork isn’t bad especially when you want to make your little black, white, or patterned dress stand out. These pair nicely with not only that ombre dress you’ve had your eye on but also a nice tailored pant and an oversized tee (thank God for American Apparel’s Tri-Blend). If you’re going to go for an oversized/slouchy tee, some leggings, and your red shoes, try a red lip to wow and woo spectators. I must reiterate; I can’t believe someone gave up on these and often times I wonder what goes on in those who gave their clothing or shoes away. Was it a lust purchase that they just had a one night stand with? Did it remind them of their ex? Did it stop fitting? The list goes on… All that I know is I’m happy to collect your disowned looms of goodness any day of the week.