Friday, May 24, 2013

Must Have Summer Totes

Summer Totes

Rebecca Minkoff Palm Tree Cherish Tote / Kate Spade Starwoods Paradise Island Tote  / Michael Kors Jet Set Striped Travel Tote / Kate Spade Starwoords Paradise Island Tote / Kate Spade Pike Place Market Elise  / Kate Spade Call To Action Play The Field Terry 

Summer totes are a must have especially if you plan to go a weekend getaway. Whether you're planning to go to the beach or a trip out of town, you wouldn't want to be caught carrying something not so pretty. So I suggest you grab either of this six summer totes here. These are my favorites especially the Rebecca Minkoff Palm Tree Cherish Tote and Michael Kors Jet Set Striped Travel Tote. What is your favorite?