Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Short Experiment

Denim is going to get a lot of love this summer, especially from me. I have a fixation with turning drab to fab. I purchased these hot little numbers at Goodwill. They were flare, high-watered, and tightly sandwiched between other pairs that were getting little love. It took me a few seconds to find an attraction to their light blue denim hue and larger than life patch labeling. A rule of thumb when thrift shopping is to never give up on an article of clothing….unless it’s ripped and useless -- then I suppose it wouldn’t be a bad chew toy.

The ombre` look has trumped any other style this season. I chose to do a little rendition of my own with my orphaned jeans. I hacked off the pant legs because lets be honest, those were a loss cause. I took a bowl of water-diluted bleach ,an old paint brush and started saturating the bottom the most, getting more and more conservative with my strokes as I brushed higher. I frayed the bottoms with a fork (oh yeah I was getting fancy with the resources I had in my kitchen) and sanded them a bit to give it some wear. After all of that I threw them in the dryer to give the frayed ends some oomph and TA-DA!!! Shorts. 

I fell in love with my first pair of home-made vintage shorts and went to town on several other masterpieces making each unique and perfect for the right person. Sort of like when Sandra-Dee turned up the sex for Danny in Grease. Ok, I think you guys get it. Find these and other hot-pants at These Odds