Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thrift Find

Thrifting is a rewarding day craft for me. For me, there's just something all too exciting about salvaging clothes than it is to pluck new pre-assembled outfits from a department stores mannequins. I was scurrying from from store to store trying to find an outfit for a night out with the girls. Cost, style and function are always taken into consideration. I found this dress while rummaging through racks of dresses at Goodwill. The top of the dress is black and sleeveless with a scoop at the back while the bottom is made up of ruffled mauve tulle. It was between this and the timeless little black dress that was always there to mother me if I was having a fashion crisis. I wanted to make sure I tried something just a little different since we were trying a new restaurant.

This dress ended up being the perfect dress for my black wedge heels. I paired this with a gold-chained black purse and it ended up working perfectly for the nightclub. I have machine washed this dress and there wasn't any problem. If you washed it this way, however, I would suggest washing with delicates not with your jeans. The center of the dress sits right above my knees. It also has a black elastic that's completely comfortable while cinching your waist and showing off your hips. This gives you an effortless hourglass shape and can also be worn perfectly this Spring.

This cute dress can be found at

Written by Lakecia Hammond