Thursday, June 13, 2013

Faded Olive Vest

Muted earth tones are my favorite year long regardless of the weather or season. I’m thrilled to have met my match while thrifting it up in Westside Atlanta. Vests have never been a big part of my life. I think I owned a poofy vest with seals on it from old navy when I was younger but that was the end of my vest expedition. The vest I found is a muted olive color with two Velcro pockets, a pull string at the waist and a hood. When I say I fell in love with vests all over again in that moment, I mean it.

Once I brought it home I new exactly how I’d pair this with basic thick striped tank, my .50 cent braided belt, and upcycled denim. Pulled the look together with my sunnies and I felt like a new woman. It has a cargo feel so I went out on a lim to check to see how much these would be running. Macy’s is selling a similar olive hooded vest for $45 bucks! is selling it for $20. You can always get the look you’re trying to go for with thrifting. I think that’s what keeps me motivated.

A big hitter for me is the condition of those overworked factories in countries like Bangladesh where the workers are heavily producing for the global retail industry in harsh working environments. From an ethical standpoint, there shouldn’t be a reason we are mass producing to match our consumption when the items that we need are in place already. These workers are getting paid only a small fraction and there is a much more economical way to stay trendy and express your personal style. Thrift! It’s absolutely the way to go.

If you want to pick this faded olive vest, visit These Odds.