Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thrifted Shoes

I adopted a dog recently and since then all of my shoes have become chew toys. I told myself that shoe shopping can get a little crazy and spontaneous so I decided to limit my purchases to 3 pairs and they would all be thrifted. After a few consignment store visits I was able to walk out with a pair of Zara euro-looking sandals, Deena & Ozzy Platforms and some swanky mesh oxfords. I had been looking for a basic black shoe for a while since my dog’s favorite color to chew was (lucky me) black and I desperately needed a good replacement. 

The straps are elastic and they’re super comfortable. The Zara sandals caught my eye because of the color blocking and metallic tip – they look super European I absolutely adore them and haven’t seen anything like them before. The final pair was some breathable ocford flats. Last summer was a hot one in Atlanta but I still refused to stop wearing oxfords with no socks. This pair has a mesh/woven material that will let your feet actually breathe! 

I bought all three shoes for a combined total of 45 dollars. You cannot beat it and though they are incredible they will NOT be going for sale on but I will certainly be on the look out if you guys express any kind of interest in these styles/ brands. If you’d like me to go shopping for a certain look or style that you don’t see on These Odds, email us at