Friday, July 05, 2013

101 in 1001 Days

100 things to do in 1001 days.

Deadline: June 2015

1. Own a McQueen clutch
2. Own a pair of YSL Tributes
3. Own a pair of Ferragamo flats (September 2012)
4. Own a pair of Louboutin heels
5. Own a YSL clutch
6. Own a Valentino Rock Stud heels
7. Own a Valentino Rock Stud clutch
8. Own a classic hand bag (December 2012)
9. Update my wardrobe every 6 months (2 out of 5)
10. Own a vintage jewelry (September 2012)
11. Own a Celine bag  (March 2014)
12. Own a Helmut Lang jacket
13. Own a pair of Alexander Wang heels
14. Own a Jeffery Campbell heels
15. Own a Proenza Shouler Bag

16. Bake cupcakes
17. Attend a social event every month 
18. Read 10 new novels (5 out of 10)
19. Read a classic novel
20. Watch a broadway show
21. Throw a dinner party
22. Watch a concert of a favorite artist - Taylor Swift is one of them
23. Go vintage shopping (September 2012)
24. Take a wine appreciation class
25. Attend an art exhibition
26. Ride a bike
27. Take more photos of events, meet ups, trips I go to
28. Go on a romantic picnic
29. Sell at a flea market
30. Dance under the moonlight (December 2013)
31. Watch a fashion show
32. Walk by the beach at sunset (December 2012)
33. Go to a club on my own
34. Go on top of Marina Bay Sands
35. Make homemade pretzel
36. Go to a halloween party
37. Wear a costume
38. Be closer with all of my friends
39. Stay in my own apartment
40. Get a new phone
41. Experience a styling job
42. Send my mom flowers for no reason
43. Dance bare foot with someone special
44. Wear a maxi dress without feeling embarrassed
45. Sit in a coffee shop and talk to a stranger

46. Establish a workout routine (June 2013)
47. No sweets for a month
48. No binge eating for 3 months
49. Reach my goal weight
50. Wear contact lenses for good
51. Go on a 20 day low carb diet  

52. Go on a girls holiday trip
53. Visit the following:
       Paris (December 2013)
54. Saint-Tropez
55. Rome (December 2013)
56. Milan
57. Japan
58. Santorini
59. Portugal
60. Ibiza
61. Athens
62. Denmark
63. Australia
64. Germany
65. Korea
66. Go on a hot summer vacation at Saint-Tropez
67. Take the train from London to Paris
68. Ride the London Eye
69. Go on top of the Eiffel Tower (December 2013)
70. Attend a music festival overseas
71. Go skinny dipping in a beach in Europe
72. Afternoon tea in London
73. Scream "I'm In Rome!" at the middle of St Peter's Square (I did this in London and I wasn't embarrassed at all) (December 2013)
74. Visit the house of Chanel
75. Drink champagne while in Saint - Tropez
76. Talk to a stranger in a long plane ride (December 2013)
77. Go on a long haul flight with someone special
78. Ride a boat and watch the sunset
79. Watch the sunset at the roof top
80. Watch a real fiesta
81. See the sistine chapel
82. See the Mona Liza painting
83. Do people watching in a cafe in Paris (March 2014)
84. Go inside the Colloseum
85. Visit a friend overseas
86. Eat an authentic Italian gelato (December 2013)
87. Go to the Ministry of Sound in London
88. Get myself a rosary at the Vatican (December 2013)
89. Make a wish at the Trevi fountain (December 2013)

Career and Blog
90. Work for a regional company
91. Become an Account Manager
92. Invest in a good camera
93. Own an original art piece
94. Start my own company
95. Become a contributor (November 2012)
96. Get contributors for the blog (May 2013)
97. Have a proper work space at home
98. One personal post per week
99. Meet at least 30 new people in advertising 

100. Stick to my budget every month