Saturday, July 13, 2013

Five Fashion Atrocities a Biker Shouldn't Commit

There is a wide variety of biker gear on the market that a motorcyclist can use to improve his/her aesthetics. While a good deal of this gear can definitely make you look good on your motorcycle, there are still a few items and combinations of items that are simply fashionably cruel and unpleasing.

Fortunately, the list below can show you what biker gear and fashions you should avoid at all cost. This list will show you the top five ridiculous things a biker should not wear.

Full-face Motorcycle Helmets With Sunglasses Underneath

Even though it may be more convenient and practical for some people to wear sunglasses instead of wearing black visors on a full-face helmet, this combination looks ridiculous. Sunglasses are acceptable and meant to be combined with an open face motorcycle helmet. Looking good is always important, and wearing sunglasses with an open face biker helmet is definitely better looking than wearing shades with a full-face biker helmet.

Mismatched Manufacture Brands

This crime especially should be forbidden when an individual wears a different branded leather than the brand of his bike. In other words, it is inappropriate to wear Suzuki leathers while riding a Yamaha bike. Even racers who have changed teams have the common sense to cover up their old logos if they did not yet get replacement leathers.

Matching Couple Biker Gear

While it is definitely advised to wear matching leather and bike manufacture brands, it is strongly recommended not to wear matching biker gear with your significant other. In other words, couples who wear matching biker gear are not exactly the best looking. Maybe matching biker clothes will look good on two siblings who have not yet learned how to talk yet, but matching gear for couples can look somewhat ridiculous.

Helmet Accessories

Various types of helmet accessories are not only practical, but also good looking. However, certain types of helmet accessories are simply outrageous and a fashion atrocity. For instance, bunny ears and Mohawks on helmets are ridiculous fashion statements. This is usually common sense, but if you somehow have an odd idea that these type of accessories will look good with your bike, then you may have to hand over your motorcycle licenses.

Camouflage Trousers

Even if you manage to find camouflage trousers that are a matching color to your bike, you will still look ridiculous wearing them while you are riding your motorcycle. While camouflage gear is definitely important for certain people, namely people in military or police forces, it typically is a fashion crime if worn by bikers. Think about it for a minute, riding on your BMW bike down the street with your camouflage pants on well certainly make you look outrageous.

There you have it, the five types of biking fashions that you should most certainly stay away from. There are of course other biker fashion crimes such as wearing leather waistcoats, wearing Iridium visors, etc. However, the styles mentioned above are the most common fashion atrocities seen on the streets.

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