Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Ready for a Party

Everyone loves a party, right? Of course we do! It’s the perfect time to see all of our friends at the same time, meet new people and socialise with people we might not normally see. This fusion of friends old and new makes it completely natural that we should want to look our best, and party preparation can start far in advance of the actual event itself. So, what should we be thinking about to get party-ready?

It is, of course, very easy to dress for a party if we’re simply pulling something out of the wardrobe. However, it is often the case that people will come up with an unusual theme or we won’t quite have the right type of outfit, so it might involve a shopping trip. You don’t have to buy a full new outfit though. Different accessories can completely transform a look, or to save money you could do a clothes swap with a friend so you’re wearing something different and stylish in the party photos.
You don’t need to have a complete hair overhaul either. It’s always nice to have a blowdry before a party to feel your best, but it’s best to steer clear of any drastic haircuts or colour changes. If it goes wrong or you just don’t like it, it can be very hard to hide, and it will knock your confidence for the entire party, so if you want to do something different, stick to heat styling, or updos.
Sometimes it’s all in the details. You might not want a full image transformation, so it could just be something small. It’s not necessarily something that people will notice outright, but there might be something about you that looks a little different which can increase interest in you. This could include an eyebrow reshaping, a new makeup style or even a light spray tan to give you a little confidence booster with this micro-change.
It’s not all about how we look though. It’s also about the way we feel and how we carry ourselves, which doesn’t just come from how we look. Book yourself in for a spa break and get a massage to really relax before the big event. The muscle manipulation of a massage can also contribute to an improved posture, which will make you appear much more confident. Party confidence is all about state of mind, and a relaxing spa day might be all you need to feel serene.
About the author

Polly Wright is a good time girl who loves nothing more than partying hard and preparing to party.