Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Do You Know if a Bra is Too Tight?

Most women are wearing bras that simply don't fit with most wearing bras that are too tight. You'd think the signs of a bra that is too tight would be obvious. After all, a too tight bra should feel too tight, right? Unfortunately, some women mistake tightness for support and can give them some cleavage. Wearing a tight bra can lead to health problems like back and shoulder pains and then you will need to go see a chiropractor to fix your problems. Try to avoid these unnecessary problems and wear the right size bra. So how do you know you are wearing a bra that is too tight?  Below are some of the more common symptoms of a bra that's simply too tight:
Your bra rides up - When a bra rides up, it's a poorly fitted bra. While the measurements may be technically correct, the bra itself is not fitting properly. In most cases, the straps are too tight, the cups too small, and the band itself too big. Start by loosening the straps and tightening the band so that the bra band fits around your torso evenly - and horizontally - without riding up. If the cups are too small after making the appropriate adjustments, the bra is too tight and should be replaced with a proper fitting one.

Your bra band digs into your torso - This is a classic sign of a too tight bra. If you cannot adjust it so that it fits comfortably, you will need to increase the band size and possibly decrease the cup size to get a good, and comfortable fit.

The underwire cuts into your breast, pokes your underarm, or pushes away from your body - These are all symptoms of a cup that is too tight. To correct this, consider a bra with a larger cup size. You may need to choose a smaller band size to counterbalance the larger cup size (Source: size a bra from Lula Lu).

The straps cut into your shoulders - Believe it or not, it might not be a matter of loosening the straps; this could be a sign that you've selected a cup size that's too small.
Your breasts "bubble" out - Your breasts should not bulge out of your bra's cups; they should appear flush with the bra. If your breasts tend to bubble out, your bra is too tight.
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Claire Pearl is a petite fashion designer and an aspiring model from California. She was inspired to write this blog because most of her client wears the wrong bra size. Connect with her on Google+ to ask her questions and advice on fashion.