Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Prepare for the Prom, For Guys


There are a lot of tutorials out there for girls on how to prepare for the prom. They need their dress, make-up, sleep-over make-over parties and a few more hours on shoes. But guys have no real guide, which is why they just show up and let the ladies run the show. But not every young man wants to just show up, and it is perfectly alright if you want to do a little something extra aside from showing up and dropping by Alexandria prom tuxedo rentals as an afterthought.

Find a Ride

Traditionally, this was the job of the guy. But be realistic, most seventeen year olds, which is the average age most people are at proms will still be on learners permit. More often a group of friends will carpool to the prom venue or put their money together to rent a limo or car service. And this is what you should do too. Prom is supposed to be a party with friends and you will save some money by pooling your resources for a ride. If all else fails, have your parents drive and be your car service. 

Find a Date or Not

Of course it would be nice to have a date, just like in the movies. But having a partner of the opposite sex is not really a requirement for going to your own prom. Go without and party with friends, chances are you will find the opportunity to rub shoulders with somebody you like. 

Bring a Corsage

If you have a date, go to the trouble of making or buying a corsage. Do not bother with a bouquet of flowers since a bunch of flowers is too bulky and awkward to bring around. A corsage is the traditional gesture for a prom date and many girls and their mothers still expect it. You are also expected to pick up your date at her residence but if that is not practical, going by in a car pool or meeting at the venue is fine too. 

Your Parents Want Pictures

It's not just your date's parents who want to preserve the memories. Your parents would want picture of you and your date and you and your friends. Bring a camera if you can or take pictures with your phone to take a picture or two you can share with your parents and other relatives who are far away and like to be updated with your life. 

Rent a Tux and Pair with Dress Shoes

Buying a prom tuxedo is really not the most practical thing to do especially when renting one will do as well. You might want to save your cents on dress shoes instead that will get to wear in the future. Depending your your schools dress code set for your prom, get a tuxedo that matches the gown of your date if you have a date. You can also get tuxedos to match with your friends by choosing vests, ties or bow in different colors and prints.