Saturday, July 06, 2013

My Top Luxury Designer Items This Summer

When it comes to designer fashion, summer is perhaps the most exciting season, defined by vibrant colours, flowery dresses, sunglasses, shorts and skirts. Considering that for many of us summer fashion also means holiday fashion, it’s no surprise that summer’s our favourite period to buy clothes within. This summer, there is an abundance of different fantastic luxury designer collections boasting some truly fabulous pieces. Here are the top designer items this summer.

Ted Baker Calstas Jacquard Shorts
We’ll begin with a pair of shorts that are cheap, luxury and chic. Ted Baker’s Calstas Jacquard Shorts are as standout as you can get for a separate – without going overboard and being too bold.

Perhaps the best thing about these shorts is that they are on sale at Selfridges for just £60 – a knock down from their usual £119 price tag.

Roberto Cavalli Sleeveless Dress

This bold printed jersey dress combines a classic and vintage design with digitally enhanced print to create a modern and almost futuristic look.

At £675 it is by no means cheap and while its boldness and uniqueness make it too memorable to wear often, those with the money will not begrudge splashing some of it on this dress.
Clover Canyon Bengal Tigers Dress & Taj Mahal Tie-Waist Dress
These next two dresses are a cheaper alternative for a futuristic style printed dress that isn’t £675.

Appropriately named after the infamous Indian landmark, the Taj Mahal tie-waist dress brims with grandeur and magnificence.

The dress shown just above is another Clover Canyon piece that you might want to buy instead of the Taj Mahal – depending on your body, style and personal preferences. This Clover Canyon Bengal Tigers dress is also crafted from crepe de chine, like the Taj Mahal.
Chanel Premiere
With so many short-sleeved tops and dresses worn in the summertime, it is the ideal season for watches to be worn throughout.
There are few designer watches more chic and gorgeous than Chanel’s Premiere made of ceramic steel diamonds.

It is the type of timepiece that can be worn with any of the dresses mentioned in this article and it can be found on with 52 diamonds and made of stainless steel with ceramic links, Chanel's Premiere fuses beauty with elegance.

About the author:
Jemma Carter is a freelance writer from London. Besides writing, her passions include shopping, art photography and blogging.