Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The New Rules Of The Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé can make any man feel inadequate. There are so many long standing rules, traditions and expectations to meet. You just want your girlfriend to say yes and spend the rest of your life with her, not agonize about how big the diamonds in the ring should be. The new age has brought with it new rules that can be applied to nervous grooms-to-be everywhere.

The Four Essential C

As you’re shopping around for diamonds, bear in mind the four essential Cs: carat, cut, clarity and color. Carat is how much the diamond weighs; cut is the shape and number of edges of the diamond; clarity is the small details noticeable through magnification and color is the overall shade of the diamond. The four essential Cs all combine to make the diamond sparkle with a certain fire and luster. In order to make sure that the carat, cut, clarity and color of the ring is balanced, think about what the woman in question likes. If she likes sparkle, then focus more on the cut of the diamond and less on the overall size of the diamond. Women who like big diamonds might not care so much about the color, clarity or cut.
Take your time while searching for the perfect engagement ring and don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few months. Much like finding the perfect woman takes time, finding the perfect wedding ring takes time as well. Try not to give yourself a deadline, and make sure that you ask plenty of questions if you ever aren’t sure of anything while at the jeweler.
Leave Tradition in the Past

Most of the brides of today don’t expect you to treat them like the brides of yesterday. Times have changed and what a bride-to-be expects out of an engagement ring has changed as well. Where before it was thought that a man should spend no less than three months’ salary on a ring, most women don’t want their soon-to-be husbands to spend that much money on them. There’s nothing worse than starting off a marriage in deep debt because of an overly expensive engagement ring. Loose diamonds and rings of silver and gold are no longer the must-haves they used to be. Instead, think about getting an engagement ring made from stainless steel. Most people will think it’s silver, and stainless steel lasts longer and is easier to clean as well. Other inexpensive metal options include mixed metals, turquoise and onyx. Something else to think about is purchasing the ring at an auction rather than an expensive jeweler.

Consider Her Lifestyle

A majority of men are under the impression that an engagement ring absolutely has to have a sizeable diamond. If your girlfriend works with her hands or leads an active lifestyle, it doesn’t make much sense to have a massive diamond in her engagement ring. The ring will more than likely spend more time safe on a counter rather than on the woman’s finger. A series of small diamonds is a better fit for a woman who wears gloves or works with her hand. Another advantage of small diamonds is that they aren’t as expensive as one large diamond.

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