Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tips to Look Slimmer in Your Swimwear

Nothing strikes terror in the heart of some women more than the idea of slipping into a bathing suit. Because we live in such a body conscious society, some timid beach goers may fear that others are scrutinizing their love handles or looking down their nose at their cellulite or muffin top.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a size 2 with zero body fat to look good in your swimwear. There are many ways to mask your imperfections with the right bathing suit. By color blocking, wearing certain patterns and choosing certain materials, you can strut your stuff at the beach or at the next pool party, feeling beautiful and confident. The following tips can show you how to do just that.

Color block your designer swimwear. Color blocking is a huge fashion trend where you pair two or three different solid colors together in one outfit to make a daring statement. Color blocking isn’t just found on Parisian runways and on the covers of magazines. By color blocking your bathing suit, you can stand out while disguising those less-than-perfect body parts. So how can you make a two piece look more flattering? Simply pair two colors in the same family, such as all neon colors or all pastels, and wear the darker shade on the area that you’d like to appear more slimming. Canyon Beachwear offers a vast selection of gorgeous designer swimsuits for all of your color blocking needs. The Indigo Brentwood Bandeau Top pairs nicely with the Teal Cosmo Cinch Back Bottom to flaunt your curves while putting the emphasis on your best features. 
Experiment with strapless resort wear. Strapless bathing suits not only make a bold statement, but they’re a fabulous way to draw attention to your cleavage and shoulders, areas that look wonderful on most women. Strapless swimwear featuring unique patterns or bright colors will help you make a splash as you stroll along the seashore this summer. 

You can’t go wrong with ruffles. Ruffles isn’t just the name of a famous potato chip. This frilly but feminine fashion trend can add a flourish to your bathing suit while helping you feel seductive and sassy. Consider wearing a pastel bathing suit with one ruffle down the front or a one-shouldered number to show off a little skin.

Shopping for bathing suits no longer has to be a burden. The above tips can help you select the perfect swimwear for your body type.

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