Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Why Real Leather Is Worth It

There is something very stylish and classy about real leather. A good quality ladies leather handbag has a certain cachet that's so chic, and a pair of designer leather court shoes can make a girl feel divine, but what about patent leather? Is it just as classy as real leather?
Genuine patent leather is superb with handbags made out of the material being what has become high fashion accessories offering a girl lots of style. The same goes for a pair of genuine patent leather shoes. Although patent leather tends to be more on the expensive side, it's definitely worth the extra because of the way it's made.
Genuine Patent Leather A Great Wardrobe Investment                      
Patent leather, if it's genuine, is a superb investment because only top grade leather is used to make it. This leather is treated with a coat of polyurethane plastic that gives it that superb glossy finish, that's makes anything made out of it so very desirable.
Patent Leather or Normal Leather?
When it comes to choosing whether you'd be better off with a high quality leather ladies handbag or a genuine patent leather one, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Firstly, you have to think about the expense – genuine patent leather can be a lot more expensive. Secondly, patent leather tends to be much higher maintenance. A gorgeous real leather handbag on the other hand, is easier to keep looking pristine and they usually work out a lot cheaper too.
Wonderful Styles in Leather and Patent
Trends have seen some amazing patent leather satchels appearing on the market, as well as very stylish totes headlining the fashion scene. Then there are the brilliant hobos and shoulder bags which you can find either in leather or patent. For evening use patent clutch bags are right up there with the most stylish of ladies handbags around and are a definite “must have” addition to a wardrobe.
Think Bright Think Genuine Patent Leather
Neons are big this summer and this includes in the patent leather department. Gone are the days of just having black patent ladies handbags – today there's a superb choice from pink patent to lush green and vibrant reds – think ever so stylish patent leather clutch bag – but make sure it's genuine! 
Looks Say It All
Nothing beats genuine leather whether it's patent or not, and ladies handbags do say so much about the person carrying them. But with this said, there are some faux patent leather bags around because it's pretty easy to copy a genuine bag. You need to be careful because the replica bags are made out of vinyl and are not as robust as the real thing. 
Although the faux patent leather bags are a lot cheaper, they never feel or look as good. You may notice faux leather ladies handbags are a lot stiffer to the touch and they have a slightly gaudier look to them instead of that wonderful rich sheen that makes a genuine patent handbag so desirable.
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