Friday, July 12, 2013

Yabbly - Helping You Make Better Purchasing Decisions

Do you have troubles making decisions on what to buy? Maybe because there are too many choices in the marketing and the information are too overwhelming? Well lucky for us there is Yabbly. Yabbly is an online community of thoughtful people who help each other make great purchasing decisions everyday. They were a finalists in SxSW 2013 in the social category and are a top 3 search result in "product reviews" on the iPhone app store.

Their philosophy is that the best purchasing decisions are made through dialogue with actual people who have made similar decisions recently. They believe that one of the main frustrations about online shopping today is that averaging a bunch of reviews just doesn't cut it, and you're left buying a product and simply hoping for the best.

I've tried this myself and no doubt, I got a thoughtful response in no time. People really do give their honest opinion in less than 24 hours and I must say, they are very helpful with it. 

So if you need an honest opinion on purchasing decision, make sure you subscribe to Yabbly and help one another make better decisions everyday.

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