Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Surefire Way to Draw Attention: Match Your Biker Gear with Your Motorbike

For ardent riders, biker gear is a necessity. Whether you are just a fan of biking, love doing some cross country or you just love passing time driving on your motorcycle, there are immense benefits that come with having biker gear. Not only do they ensure your safety and security but that of others too. According to a study conducted in 1986 in Munich, it was found that motorcyclists who wear the right biker gear are usually less prone to injuries down by about 30%. The key components of a biker gear include things such as jackets, pants, riding suits, gloves, boots and pants. They all play an integrated and vital role of ensuring your safety while you’re out having fun.

As a lover of motorbikes and the thrill that comes with biking, having a motorbike is really not enough. There is a compulsive need to look awesome while riding it too. For such die-hard biking fans, investing in bike gear is not just for protection and safety; you're also looking for something to ensure that you stand out in the parking lot. For overzealous bikers, biker gear immensely helps to seal the deal. If you're such a biker, investing in matching biker gear is a must to ensure that both you and your motorbike make a statement! Here is how to do it:


Many people have a misconception that helmets are designed or meant to help nerds and cowards who cannot psyche themselves to ride without them. However, this is totally wrong. The truth of the matter is that helmets are intended for anyone and everyone, all inclusive. If you ride a mechanized bike of any kind, you need a helmet to protect both your head and neck in the event that an accident occurs. There are diverse brands and types of helmets differing in designs and colours. As such, you can choose a helmet that matches the color of your motorbike.

Goggles /Sunglasses

Investing in a good pair of sunglasses is the next thing you should do. Goggles help protect your eyes as you drive and especially when driving too fast. They help protect your eyes from the UV rays emitted by the sun, wind and various flying insects which could impair your vision as you drive if they get into your eyes. You can invest in leather bands or good old bans to ensure that your goggles do not budge as you ride. There are various sunglasses to choose from. Make sure that you try them on in the natural light before purchasing them. This will enable you to see how good you look in them and how the world looks through them.


This is the last item that you need. You need a cool, stylish and high quality leather jacket to complete the look. Regardless of how hot it is outside, you need a jacket when riding on your bike. Not only do they keep you warm from the excitement which chills every rider down but are also bound to draw you some attention. It also ensures that the cloths you wore underneath don't get muddy and dirty. You can find trendy leather jackets as well as other biker gear from trendy stores online.

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