Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ways to Customise Jewellery

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a ‘just because’ purchase for yourself, it’s undeniable that jewellery remains one of the most desirable categories when it comes to coveted items. When thought has been put into a jewellery gift, it can make the recipient feel truly special. However, when a mass-produced piece of bling is picked up, it can have the opposite effect. If you want to show someone how much you care with jewellery, what should you do?

The most important thing you should do is to think about their personality and lifestyle. Are they naturally dramatic and vibrant and at a different party every night? If so, some extravagant costume jewellery dripping with gemstones might be ideal. If they are reserved and more conservative in their tastes, think about something more subtle and discreet.
Secondly, what type of metal do they wear? Lots of people have a strong preference for gold or silver, and many people stick religiously to one or the other. No matter how gorgeous your gold earrings are, they just won’t be worn if the recipient exclusively opts for silver. The same applies to stones: that ruby pendant might look impressive in the shop, but if the person you’re giving it to never wears red, it won’t have quite the impact you expected.
Engraving is a popular way to customise jewellery which works just as well for male and female pieces. Popular options are names, initials, important dates and meaningful quotes which have relevance to both the giver and the receiver. For example, dog tags engraved with the recipient’s name can make a great gift for men, while an engagement ring with a secret message engraved on the inside is a thoughtful way to make the ring extra special.
Another way to make a piece entirely unique is by creating a piece of bespoke fingerprint jewellery. If you want your partner to carry around a part of you wherever they go, you can get your fingerprint etched onto a piece of metal and worked into an elegant jewellery design. These can also be created for children, so that the fingerprint of a little one can be crafted into a beautiful piece of jewellery for a grandparent or godparent.
Jewellery isn’t all about the cost. One diamond ring may cost ten times the amount of another, but the true value comes from the time spent by the buyer trying to find something perfect for the person it is for. If it suits their tastes perfectly and resembles something they will be happy to wear every day, you have succeeded in finding the ideal jewellery gift.

About the author
Esther Peake is a lover of all things sparkly and is always on the hunt for interesting, unique and unusual new pieces of jewellery.
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