Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's so Trendy About a Coat?

Every woman loves them and it's no secret why they trend: A good coat will make any woman look amazing regardless of their body shape. It doesn't matter about the weather, the actual coat colour, material or time of day. If a coat looks and fits well on a woman, then she will look amazing every time it's worn. Here are a few tips to finding a trendy woman's coat that will get you through more than one winter.
Firstly consider what type of clothes you intend on wearing under your coat and what occasion you require it for. The good news is classic, comfortable and classy coats will always trend and provide you with a lot of wear. You want something that is warm and you can snuggle up to like a three-quarter coat. They're great for women who love to wear short skirts, minis and dresses coupled with pretty tights.
Pear-shaped women look their best in an A-line coat cut that will emphasise their smaller upper frame. If you're curvier, consider wearing a belt to really show-off your hour-glass figure. Petite and heaver women should buy dressing-gown style coats or trenches. They will hide any extra baggage, or lack thereof.
Now that you know what coat cut will flatter your body shape, it's time to show off your personality. Do you like minimal styled coats that a plain and chic? Or do you desire lots of little buttons and hardware to jazz up your coat? If versatility is on the agenda, avoid buttons that draw too much attention and make it difficult to match with your daily jewellery. Double-breasted coats are great because they allow for big shiny buttons or smaller, less discrete buttons while simultaneously remaining timeless. Meaning you can where them anywhere at any time and they will last the test of time and stay in trend.
Choose a woman’s coat in a colour that reflects your taste and character. Navy, black, olive green, khaki, charcoal and red look great and are easy to match with shoes, jewellery, hats and scarves. However, bright coats in magentas, purples, oranges, blues and other bright colours are just as popular. It all depends how you feel when shopping for your next coat. Experiment with coat lengths or flamboyant fur pieces. The possibilities are endless. That's why coats are so trendy. They allow you to look great and express your casually-sophisticated individual flair.
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