Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why get T-Shirts Printed for Hens

In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of personalised t-shirts specially designed for hen parties. It has become something of the norm and has definitely added to the fun element of organising a hen party. If you’re undecided as to whether to include printed tees into your up and coming hen party, here are a few good reasons as to why you should follow the trend and join in the fun.
1. Personalised t-shirts make people in the group easy to identify.
When a large group of people get together for a hen party, it’s likely that there will be lots of people there that have not met each other before. If the number of people is exceptionally large, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of everyone and ensure that everyone is following the group from venue to venue. Having the entire group wearing a personalised t-shirt will greatly reduce the risk of one of the group members getting lost or separated from the gang. And this is especially important when the serious partying gets started, the t-shirts are the organisers means of identifying the stragglers and rounding them up!
2. Removes the pressure of finding an outfit
Finding the right outfit for a hen night can be tricky. You want to keep your dress code in line with all the other girls and the weeks leading up to the party can be spent stressing over that all-important outfit. Having a personalised t-shirt to wear removes all that stress and worrying in a flash. You then have the peace of mind that everyone will be wearing the same top as you, all you have to do is find a nice skirt or pair of trousers to match your t-shirt.
3. Creates a group spirit and camaraderie
We are all social animals when it comes down to it and wearing matching t-shirts only reinforces the sense of belonging to a group that is out to celebrate and have a good time. They can create an atmosphere of team spirit and will be a great ice-breaker between people in the group that have never met before.
4. They can give other people an explanation as to why you’re full of high spirits on the night!
It’s no secret that a group of girls together on a night out can get quite loud and can stand from the crowd very easily. By wearing a t-shirt that clearly indicates that ye are on a “hen night” gives people an explanation for your wild antics at a quick glance. That way they might be more likely to forgive you for the wildness!
5. They are a good way of making the bride stand out and get more attention
In normal circumstances, the brides t-shirt will differ from that of the rest of the group. They may have a different colour and design which will help them to stand out whilst still feeling part of the group.
6. Hen party t-shirts make a great memento from the night
If the t-shirt survives the night out, they make a great memento for those that attended. They can make great conversation points and memory recollections in the years following the big event. 
Personalised T-shirts can make all the difference to a hen night. One thing is for sure, the hen and her group will most certainly stand out from the crowd!
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