Monday, September 02, 2013

1D: An Overview Of Each Member's Original Style!

The boys from 1Direction are well known for their great fashion sense. Each member of the band has his own look that’s personal to him and his personality; what is it that drives each member of the band and why do they always look so good? We’re going to take apart the boy’s looks and work out what makes them so stylish!

Harry Styles: As the youngest member of the band, Harry certainly isn’t shy of showing his own taste when it comes to his outfit choices. He loves to mix an eclectic bunch of brands together and he always manages to pull it off. He’s fond of a bit of jewellery too and has often been seen wearing his Links of London Friendship Bracelet from; Harry Styles is definitely a man with a penchant for the vintage too and he’s also been seen in vintage headgear. Fedoras and trilbies often feature as part of his outfits. He loves to team a clean, white tee with jeans and a blazer which gives him the one-off look that he manages so well.

Zayn Mallik:  Zayn knows just how to pull of the brooding look and his style has a definite edge to it. He favours clothes which show off his tough image and he’s often to be seen sporting strong, graphic t shirts layered over with vintage checked shirts, boots and baggy jeans. He may often be seen in baggy clothes but he knows when to choose tailored things too and he looks great in a suit (black of course) and a well cut overcoat.
Liam Payne: Liam is often seen as the “cute” but masculine member and he’s got his look right down! He tends to team plain, well fitting tees with bright cardigans and jeans; he dresses classically and confidently and is usually sporting trainers or Toms!
Niall Horan: Plain and simple that’s Niall’s style motto and he pulls it off so well! He’s often pictured in cool one off t shirts and always paired with classic jeans. He sometimes styles things up a little with a cool jacket but he’s a plain and simple kind of guy and his style reflects that.
Louis Tomlinson: Louis is the oldest of the boys but he doesn’t dress in an overly mature fashion! He’s fond of Toms shoes which he teams with bright skinny jeans and sometimes braces! He can pull almost any look off thanks to his incredible physique and he’s also to be seen in sports gear and relaxed sweats. His personality is fun loving and loyal and it shows in his style choices!
The 1D boys have their own looks which they very much influence themselves despite having the services of a stylist; they’re the ones who get the final say on what they’re wearing so when you see them out and about you can be sure that their looks are their own and that they’ve personally selected what they’re rocking that day! As they mature, their images may change but one thing is for sure and that’s right now…they’ve all got killer style.
About the authorCormac Reynolds is a writer and a lover of celeb fashion and clothes. He has written for a number of fashion and clothing sites throughout the years.
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