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4 Incredible Hairstyles to Match Your Bandage Dress

The bandage dress is an impeccable ensemble, one which inspires ingenuity, marvel and adoration. There are lots of online articles and blog posts on the bandage dresses and how to make the most of them. A simple search will lead you to posts such as how to accessorize these dresses, how tight it should be, whether you can wear stockings with bandage dresses to mention but just a few. However, there is one thing that has been missing. Just which are the best hairstyles for bandage dresses? This question arises from a myriad of who are wondering which hairstyle will go with their impeccable dress to give them a stunning look or those who see others wearing bandage dresses and can pinpoint that their hairstyles are just not right for the dress.

The name of these magnificent dresses insinuates someone in dire need of help and care, but the dress is simply remarkable screaming for attention everywhere you go. The dress comes with wide, horizontal or angular panel creations of materials which are similar to a wrapped bandage. The worst thing you can do while in this dress is to get a shouting hairstyle that gives away what the bandage dresses have easily managed to pull off. To ensure that you don't downplay your willowy figure, here are sleek hairstyles for a perfect finish to your bandage dresses.

Down and Soft

For those with medium-to-long-hair, you can let your hair down if you're going to wear a bandage dress. You can also make some additions such a bit of texturizing balm and have an off-center part. You can also blow your hair out with a paddle brush. If you're looking for that stunning, super-sexy movement, you can create waves in your hair. To achieve this, you just need a jumbo-barrel curling iron which you'll wrap 3-inch hair sections around for waves. This hairstyle is highly recommended for bandage dresses with a high neckline.

Half Up

In case you are stuck with a bandage dress with a V-neckline, regardless of the type of collar; it’s advisable to go with a half-up, half down hairstyle. The hairstyle helps soften the blunt and angled lines of your V-neck. To get this hairstyle, apply some smoothing cream to your hair while wet then blow dry it to its natural state, whether it's curly, wavy or straight. Pull some of the top layers towards the nape of your neck and gather your hair into a messy twist. You can then secure your hair in that position using tonal bobby pins. Finally, to frame your face, pull a few tendrils out in the front for a super-pretty look.

Piecey Pixie

This style unfortunately only works for those girls who have cropped hairstyles. It’s mostly recommended for round-neck bandage dresses and helps add some edge to your style. You only need to apply some hold gel to your hair, blow dry it with a paddle brush while brushing all of your hair forward and in one direction. When dry, you can apply some styling wax to your fingertips and have fun with your tresses. Make sure to sweep your sides back and the mini-bangs to the side. You can then piece out the bangs by simply separating them along your forehead. Finally, twist random pieces on top of your head in various directions to get a ton of movement.

Swept Back

Swept back is recommended for strapless bandage dresses. With such a dress, you need a hairstyle that will illuminate your exposed collarbones. You can achieve this by pulling your hair backwards and allowing the dress to take center stage. This can be simply done by applying smoothing balm to your hair and blow drying it to its natural state. You then need to backcomb the top hair to just behind your hair line. You can then use your fingers to smooth your hair back on top while still sweeping the sides backwards as well. Finally, gather your hair into a middle ponytail. With that you're ready to go!

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