Friday, September 27, 2013

Keeping Your Briefcase in Excellent Shape

Purchasing a briefcase is an investment in your professional career. As such, you want to take excellent care of your briefcase so that it lasts for several years. Here are a few ways to care for your briefcase so that it continues to enhance your professional attire at the workplace.
General Care Instructions
Most briefcases are leather. Leather is a highly durable and luxurious looking material but it must be cared for in a specific way. If you own a designer leather briefcase, here is what you should be doing routinely to keep the leather exterior of your briefcase looking great.
You may find that individuals at your office often bring beverages and food to meetings that require you to have your briefcase at. Because of this, watch out for spilled liquids and foods when you go to place your briefcase on a desk or table. If you need to take your briefcase into the restroom, wipe down the surface of the countertops with a paper towel to ensure that the area is dry before setting your briefcase down. Liquids can cause irreparable damage to leather briefcases so it is important that moisture does not pervade the exterior of your briefcase. If your briefcase does happen to get wet, wipe it off as soon as you can with a soft towel or cloth.
You may find that your briefcase is exposed to moisture even when you are doing everything in your power to keep it away from liquid substances. To remove mildew from your briefcase, create a solution of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. Get a cloth damp with this mixture and then rub it on the exterior of your briefcase.
Every so often, your briefcase will need to be cleaned. How often you clean your briefcase is up to you and should be based on how often you use the briefcase. Purchase a high quality leather cleaner. Spray the cleaner liberally on the outside of your case and then let it sit for a few seconds. Using a soft towel or cloth, wipe off the remaining liquid on the outside of the case. Completely wipe down the entire briefcase and make sure that there is no remaining cleaner on the case when you are done.
Cleaning the Interior
When you take the time to clean the exterior of your leather briefcase, take a minute to freshen up the inside as well. The inside of your briefcase may be lined with cloth or felt. To clean the interior, remove everything that you usually keep in your briefcase. Then, take the case and shake out any dirt or small trash items that may have collected inside. If there are still crumbs or other bits of trash in the case after you do this, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to thoroughly remove dirt from the interior.
To freshen up the material, find a cloth and get it slightly damp. Go ahead and wipe down the fabric or felt in your briefcase. However, make sure that this only gets the interior slightly wet and does not soak the inside with liquid. Keep the case open and allow it to air dry so that mildew does not build up within your briefcase when you shut it. 
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